Branding Without Getting Hit On the Butt With a Hot Iron

leah_and_iA fancy logo and graphically designed website by itself is not going to increase your influence or the effectiveness of your brand to mobilize anyone.

Branding is the position you are battling for in the mind of your visitors and others around you.  Are you battling for a favorable position in the wimpy persons mind, or are you battling for a favorable position in the STRONG persons mind?  How about for the person who is carrying on like a wimp but deep down there is a person of immense strength that they themselves aren’t even aware exists?  Are you batting for the wimpy or the STRONG in someone?  How you position yourself in the minds of others is what you will attract to you.  If you’re attracting wimps, ask yourself, “What am I doing to attract wimps?”

If you are trying to get something for nothing, you kind of ask for the problems you get. Ask to pay fair price for everything including developing yourself into a professional brand who is authentic and attracts who you desire to have more of in your life.

I would encourage you to get better instead of looking for an easier way.   When you let someone come into your life, or your deal, or whatever you’re doing, under false pretense of “easy, don’t have to challenge yourself or step out of your comfort zone etc”,  you are letting them set you up for someone to blame when it doesn’t work out for them.  Don’t buy someones “blame pill”.  Go through the worthwhile scenario of Branding the Authentic YOU and FEEL the stress in your life dramatically reduce as the peace  you FEEL goes up as you attract more of who and what you desire into your life.  Watch the videos below..

1st, Imagine this Scenario..

2nd, Branding Yourself and Attraction Marketing How To..

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– Tom

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