But it is always time to love each other not just in Gun Tragedy in Las Vegas…


We can hold more than one thought in our heads at the same time and thats what I want to talk about..

Love each other is the first thought to hold in our minds and in our hearts.

The other thought to hold in our heads right now is the future gun violence that has not happened, yet.

When is it time to learn from this tragedy in Las Vegas with over 500 people injured and over 60 dead from one gun man with fully automatic guns?

When is it time to take it to politics and create new laws that solves problems without taking our freedoms away?

When will we stop trying to silence our friends who we disagree with?

When do we listen to the other side and mutually understand each other?

Everyone on both sides of this discussion wants the gun violence against innocent people to stop so let’s understand each other on both sides since we want the same outcome.

Doesn’t that make sense to come up with solutions together since we want the same thing?

Here is the problem as we see it as to why we haven’t had any meaningful public discourse on guns, new laws, and other issues for that matter..


Most of our elected leaders are on the take from big money donors. This creates an egregiously DANGEROUS conflict of interest.

They represent their biggest donors and not the people.

We cannot have an honorable or principled disagreement or agreement with our elected “leaders” because they are not honorable or principled people.

We need a constitutional amendment banning all private money from entering politics so we can have clean elections.

If we have clean elections unfettered by legalized bribes and other conflicts of interests then we can have honorable and principled discussions in disagreement or in agreement.

We can finally work toward solving problems because they’d be representing the people.

Private money (legalized bribes) in politics has corrupted, broken, and shattered our entire system of government and we can’t have any honorable principled public discourse because of it.

Some say this is not the time for politics. I HEAR YOU.

I believe this has to be the time for politics but NOT POLITICS AS USUAL.

Politics is where legalized change happens.

There are untold future gun violence events that are imminent.

The sooner we get political about it in an HONORABLE WAY the sooner we can begin preventing future gun violence.

If we wait too long then we will forget and no change happens.

If we hold these two thoughts in our heads at the same time, LOVE and ACTION FOR SOLUTIONS IN POLITICS, then just maybe we can begin preventing future gun violence.

We have a terrible gun violence problem in the USA that is unprecedented by anywhere else in the world.

We need to embrace being able to hold onto more than one thought in our heads at the same time so we can LOVE each other AND take this to politics for solutions.

But again, it can’t be politics as usual or nothing will change.

How about politics as UNUSUAL in that we understand each other and working together for solutions beginning with amending our constitution to BAN ALL PRIVATE MONEY FROM POLITICS SO WE CAN HAVE THESE NEEDED DISCUSSIONS WITH OUR ELECTED LEADERS.

In the meantime my heart is broken 🙁



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