Daily Affirmations and Prayers for Abundance working against you?

You do your daily affirmations and pray for laws of abundance to be working for you but you still have too much month at the end of the money and no free time to yourself.

I want to share something friends shared with me long ago.

A friend said, “replace expectations with gratitude and all feelings of fear and anxiousness go away”.

Another friend told me, “faith without consistent relevant ACTION is dead faith”.

And then the big one for me was when one of my mentors taught me to DECOUPLE YOUR TIME FROM YOUR INCOME OR YOU’LL NEVER BE PROSPEROUS AND FREE. He taught me the only way to decouple time from money is to work to build passive and residual income.

That was the biggest game changer for me because I was never afraid of hard work.

I was putting my hard work into places that was not bringing me meaningful long lasting prosperity.

When I put my hard work toward residual and passive income my time began to decouple itself from my income.

It took me only two and a half years of going through that decoupling process until at last my time was 100% completely decoupled from my income.

Long lasting result of prosperity finally.

Love your job hate your job it does not matter.

The goal is to decouple your time from your income so you’re free to do what you want with your time.

Keep your job, leave your job, give to charity, start your own charity, spend more time with your family, take a family vacation.

No longer living underneath the thumb of others who can tell you what to do.

No more worry about how bills will be paid for.

You create your own life experiences without the permission of a gatekeeper.

Needing a job or some company to take care of you is not cool.

What is cool is not being needy and codependent on some company to take care of you so you can keep it or leave it you’re free.

You can do it for what it’s worth I’m your biggest cheerleader in this context.

If you are wondering why you don’t have more control over your time..

If you are wondering why you are not more free to do what you want..

I hope this helps you as it helped me when I learned these things.

But this is not even scratching the surface you have to love learning and be eager to dive in deep with learning and doing otherwise you’re screwed and that is an inside job.

You can do it.

Feel free to share this.


P.s. if you’d like to see what I did to decouple my time from my income feel free to ask.

P.P.S. Feel free to share this GREAT idea.

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follow your heart

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