Faith Without Action is Dead Meaningless Faith

Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

I’m so tired of watching the foolishness of Christians blowing up like a balloon saying “god will take care of everything” all the while doing nothing to meet god half way.

“That’s what faith is” says a lot of Christians.

Faith is not about disengaging from your own life only to let god take care of everything. When you step god steps. Stand still god is probably going to stand still. Faith is only putting your heart and belief into something that cannot be observed or measured. Faith is of the metaphysical world. You can’t see it or measure it but you believe it anyway so it is faith. Do you understand faith now?

High cholesterol is measurable it is not faith.  High blood pressure is measurable it is not faith.  Diabetes, obesity, the poor behavior that you model is all observable and measurable it is not faith.  It’s your profound false belief in faith that develops these observable measurable things going on in your body. 

God doesn’t make fake food. God gave us whole all natural ORGANIC foods so that we can take care and HONOR our temple that our soul occupies in our current experience.  Man invented fake food; the junk food that most of you put in your mouths regularly. God did not give us artificial sweeteners and trans fats. Do you think god made artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and trans fats?  Man did all of that.  Do you think god wants you to put that garbage in your body?  Of course not.  That’s why those of you who consume it regularly have all those health problems.

Your body is your temple. Take care of your temple. Honor your temple and your god by putting good things into your mind, BODY, and spirit. You need to actively grow and nurture all 3 every day. Mind, BODY, as well as spirit. Otherwise your faith is dead meaningless faith.

Our kids are dying now at least partly because of the behaviors Christians are modeling. Modeling obesity, diabetes, clogged arteries and sludge churning blood vessels is not godly. If Jesus were around today he’d get all of his food in the all natural ORGANIC whole food section of the grocery store or he’d grow and harvest his own food with no chemicals or un natural fertilizers.  Jesus would not be putting the kind of garbage most Christians seem to be consuming into his mouth. Can you see Jesus eating the kind of food you eat? I didn’t think so. Jesus was the greatest leader that ever lived I believe. And he modeled the behavior he wished for you to model as well. So why aren’t you modeling it? Why are you trashing and disgracing the temple in which your soul occupies in your current experience with the garbage you put into your mouth?  Will you finally at last cut it out and really start honoring your god with your mind, BODY, and soul?

God gave you a potential. We all have a potential and it’s always bigger than we realize. The day you decide you’ve experienced enough, you’re old enough, you’re mature enough, you’re at a place in your life where you’ve decided you’ve grown as close toward your potential as you need to and you’re just going to let your mind, your body, or your spirit stop growing then you are CHEATING, dishonoring, and disgracing the god of your choosing.  The very day you decide to stop taking care of your health is the day you begin cheating god; whom was gracious to give you your potential in the first place.

God didn’t arbitrarily give you potential. Gods plan is for you to live up to your potential. There is a very real and divine purpose behind your potential. I don’t know what that purpose is but it probably revolves around helping people even if it’s just in the form of giving someone hope in the midst of their own struggles. How could you cheat those people you were suppose to give hope to and let your body, or your mind, or your spirit just rot away? Are you really that self-absorbed in your own ego? You inspire and give hope to no one when you do that. That is not what god has planned for you. That’s YOUR DECISION you made on your own without god.

Will you finally step with god and give your faith meaning?  Will you pull your faith out from the status of “dead faith” and actually do something positive every day to feed your mind, BODY, and spirit?  Will you finally do these things and actively begin being part of gods plans for all of us?  Will you finally once and for all and for the love of people around you desperate for hope quit being so self absorbed that you can’t be bothered to take care of your health and begin scoring some victories everyone can see over your own challenges?

– Tom

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