High School Drop Out and Teen Runaway Generating New Money Without Using Any Of Her Own Money

I’m working with Rebecca, a High School DROP OUT, Teen RUNAWAY, Abuse Survivor, Former Druggie, currently ENSLAVED to a corporate job and in financial DEBT that she wants to ESCAPE from as soon as possible. She is totally hungry, Teachable, just an AWESOME lady.

She just sent me a screen shot of all this new money she is Very Quickly creating in her spare time outside of her corporate job. She only enrolled with me a couple weeks ago without using ANY of her own money. This is so powerful because this demonstrates in the Real World that you and I both live in that no matter who you are, what your past is, what your present is, what your hardships are, you can overcome if you can begin to look beyond what the eyes can see. And it can start VERY quickly!

It’s not about the money. There is a PURPOSE behind it. I’m going to copy and past some of what Rebecca sent me because it’s from her mind and only she can express her true self more accurately than anyone else can. I want you to get a sense of what this is meaning for her to INSPIRE YOU to begin searching for answers to overcome whatever pain you have in your life right now, too, regardless of your past or present.

In Rebeccas words:



“Considering my hectic schedule as of late, I’m happy with this start.

I put my faith in this project. I desired to get out of debt (from divorce last year) and pay off my house so I can devote myself to healthy fulfilling work. I’m a corporate slave right now. IF I could make a career change into something that gives back – getting paid while helping people conquer their unhealthy demons right along side me conquering my own, then HOW PERFECT would life be!? Seeing $$$ come in DIRECT DEPOSIT into my bank for merely trying to be happier and healthier is one of those “too good to be true” moments, except it really is true. And I know from seeing this initial reward that it can and will happen. Dreams can and will come true.

Bottom line, I look forward to the day when I have a choice to not be a corporate slave anymore.

I have more to give to the world than making the rich richer at the expense of my health and time.

The quick return means… hope.

The light at the end of the tunnel. I see it.

Of course there’s much more to the story. I may need a whole book.

One of these days I’ll write it. Another project for when I have more free time after the transition. Along with a recipe book.

I’m a high school drop out and teen runaway.

Abuse survivor and former druggie. Lots of fun stuff there.

Lots of juicy drama bits with a happy ending.”

Has Rebeccas words resonated with you?

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– Tom

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