How To Save Money And Eat Better At The Same Time

Organic Plant Based Whole Food NutritionI can tell you from my own experience I began saving lots of money on food, and getting better quality food so that I feel better day to day, when I began to buy mostly plant based whole foods and making my meals from scratch, and replacing at least one meal a day with Shakeology.  My monthly savings is easily between $$250 and $350 per month and I feel better because I’m eating better.  I grabbed the following from  This is very easy information to digest and implement in our daily lives.  Enjoy!!

5 Reasons Why We Do Not Eat Clean
1. Many of us believe that healthy foods cost more.
2. Cultural habit.
3. Fast Food restaurants are too convenient.
4. Our taste buds crave for junk food.
5. This country does not push us to create eat-clean recipes.

6 Ways to Eat Clean on a Tight Budget
1. Shop at your local farmers market. The key is to buy what’s in season (not what’s out of season).
a. Buy fresh fruits.b. Buy fresh produce.2. Shop in bulk. You pay more for the boxed products.
a. Beans.b. Barley.c. Millet.d. Grains.e. Flours.f. Rolled oats.3. Stop eating out! You save big bucks when you cook your own food.
4. Eat less meat. With meat prices on the rise, you can free up your budget for more fruit and veggies. Many beans offer great sources of protein.
5. Clip coupons. Cable television has a great show, which shows the tremendous benefits of coupons.
6. Replace one meal each day with a meal replacement like Shakeology. It is $4 per serving and beats any fast food meal deal. You get all the nutrients of a balanced meal.

It can help you:
a. lose weight.
b. feel great.
c. fight diseases.
d. reduce cravings.
e. and much more.

How Does It Benefit You to Eat Clean?
1. You have better weight management.
2. You sleep better.
3. Better mood.
4. Increase your energy.
5. You look and feel better.
6. You improve your digestion.
7. Better mental focus

Check out my Healthy Grocery List for more ideas of what to put into your shopping cart next time you’re at the grocery store.  This has helped a lot of people save money, eat better, and feel better already, maybe it can help you too. Click here for my Healthy Grocery List.

– Tom

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