I love these kids!!!

This new generation is going to be the generation to finally get all private money out of politics opening the doorway to a government that represents us and starts to solve problems, finally

It’s starting with politicians who take bribe money from the NRA and It’s going further than that.

It’s going all the way to every issue because legal bribe money in politics is the One Umbrella issue that affects all other issues.

These kids affected by recent gun massacres have been the only ones in large numbers to connect the dots between bribe money and the politicians who are bribed.

Thanks to these kids politicians can no longer hide behind a corporate media platform that is complicit with their corruption.

These kids have the guts and the intelligence to shame a corrupt media alongside the corrupt politicians who depend on the same corrupt media to keep their corruption hush.

These kids have 97% of the American population in complete solidarity about moderate gun reform. No other group at any time has ever been able to accomplish this.

No other group at any time has ever been able to accomplish any change to our gun laws. Ever.

These kids are now just becoming aware that bribe money exists manipulating all other issues not just gun laws.

They are making most Americans aware of this bribery corruption and making it a national conversation for the first time ever in American history.

For the 3% who are criticizing these kids it’s almost always over a mischaracterization of what these kids are asking for.

These kids are smart enough to be very specific in what they are asking for and what they stand for.

Here are the most common misrepresentations from the remaining 3% who believe the status quo is just fine.

These kids want to protect the Second Amendment not repeal it.

These kids do not want to take your guns away they are calling for a universal background check and to close the gun-show loophole which 97% of the population wants.

These kids are asking for better access for mental help and funding so mentally ill people can get the help they need before getting a Gun and shooting people.

These kids are writing their own speeches, rejecting all bribe money, and acting on their own accord with their own passion. They are not being coached by adults, or bribed, or having their speeches written for them.

These kids do not represent a leftist liberal agenda. The right, the left, the middle, the independent, even the NRA card-carrying members want moderate gun reforms specifically a universal background check and close the gun-show loophole.

These kids aren’t working for the establishment they are the ones who are going to bust up the establishment!

If you’re going to be part of the 3% criticizing these kids then criticize them over a correct representation of who they are and what they stand for.

More than anything these kids want all private money out of politics so we can have a government who works for us who represents us instead of their biggest bribers.

Like it or not this set of people is the revolution for real. I’m grateful 97% of the population is in solidarity. We’ve never been so solid on anything ever in this country. The writing is on the wall 10 times out of 10 this is going to be a successful movement and I am just so thrilled and excited about that =)


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