In the Rat Race…

…you’re being held underneath the thumb of other people who can tell you what to do while dangling your lively hood in front of your face because they can pull it back from you at any time if you don’t adhere to strict obedience mister!

Here is how I got out of the rat race.

I was 32, started the process when I was 30. It took a couple years in my precious minutes of spare time. That’s important to know because nobody has full time availability at the beginning of the process.

The girl I was dating at the time in august of 2007 invited me in to a home business around natural health, natural healing, and residual money in addition to not being involved in the Rat Race.

I signed up with no skill and not really knowing anything about what I was doing. I was a D student in school. No social connections. No one joins me because they like me, it’s because they see an opportunity for themselves.

This is the thing… It’s just a love for learning something new and it’s wrapped around residual income.

That’s the key!

Most self employed people don’t have any residual income so they are a bigger slave to money than people with a job. They pay a higher tax rate than people with a job. It’s hilarious in a way because it goes against everything a self employed person is typically motivated by to become a self employed person in the first place but they never learned about residual income!

Residual income is the thing that protects you and your family. Residual income gives you a life of freedom and an exit from the pyramid scam known as the Rat Race!

If you love learning about natural health, natural healing, and you want to wrap yourself around residual income so you can exit the rat race and spend the only time you’re going to get on this planet the way that you want instead of adhering to strict obedience to other peoples thumb over your head!

If you’d rather have freedom then ask me for a blog I typed about it. Or a video. Or both. Just ask for it and I promise I will share it with you in the comments or Private Message.


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