Challenge a Status Quo that Manages Sickness & Poverty.

Here is How…

Every day HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people will pay someone to create an internal environment in their bodies that DISEASE THRIVES in.

Government cannot fix this.

We the people have to transform ourselves from “we the self-sabotaging” to “we the personally responsible”!

We do this with choices we make at the grocery store, what we put into our mouths, what we put into our mind, and what we feed our kids minds and bodies.

I’ve heard some religious people say it’s tradition to eat this way.

Tradition trumps the life and Wellness of our kids??!!

That kind of extremism is worthy of religious radicalization that has surrendered all critical, moral, and ethical thinking.

It’s one thing for a grown adult to destroy themselves from the inside out but our kids are vulnerable to the mercy of their caretakers.

It’s inexcusable and Unforgivable to internally destroy the most vulnerable who rely on someone to care for them.

Individually anybody can make this transformation INTO personal responsibility.

How do we transform our culture when there are so few healthy options and are typically more expensive at the cash register?

The answer is so simple sadly a lot of smart people are going to miss it.

All it takes is a 10% shift in our purchases.

What we buy everyday with our money sends the most powerful signals to the marketplace to provide more of what you are buying.

Every company is in business to make money including non profits.

This vote you cast with your money is more powerful than who vote for president or any other political office because all politics and business follows money whether you like it or believe it or not.

This makes the solution so easy and puts the power 100% in “We the People” if we have the humility to transform ourselves from “WE the ego-driven self-sabotaging” to “WE the humble and personally responsible”.

Change how you spend your time and money!

All it takes is a 10% shift in what we vote for with our money and it will snowball from there into a food Revolution which will have many by-products of a quality of living Revolution across our entire country that everyone can benefit from if we would just transform from ego-tripping self-sabotaging to humble and personally responsible people.

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