Training and Education to Spread Health and Wealth Instead of Sickness and Poverty

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The training and education in my opinion is the most important of all these videos because this is the only one that is going to equip you to make the comp plan work, to make your money work, to make your time work, and give you freedom of your time and be able to do everything that you wanna be able to do with your life.

This is the one right here.. the training and how you pick up these skills and implement and show up every day.

The training is so simple. I’m going to do it very briefly because it is so easy.

First, if you go out there and try to build a home business the way most people try to build a home business you’re just going to piss off your friends, you’re going to alienate yourself, it’s not going to be any fun, you’re just going to get a lot of resistance and little to no curiosity.

At the end of the day you could have the most awesome compensation plan but you won’t get paid anything because you just practiced some really poor skills. That’s how most people try to build a home business, sadly.

So in my training course Im going to teach you first how to be yourself and pull more of yourself out of you and for all of you to various degrees its going to be a discovery process too.

In my training courses it is not uncommon for somebody to start earning their first residual income inside of the first week or two or inside of the first thirty days. So thats highly, highly encouraging including people that never built a business before.

Now here is what I call the daily core activities. Their also called daily vital behaviors. You’ll learn how to do them in ways that does not interfere with anything you’ve got going on but will compliment what you’ve got going on so no matter how busy or not busy you are this fits in and I designed it that way on purpose so anyone sincerely interested will be able to do this.

So what I teach is this. Its pretty simple.

1, consume the product so that you can get results from the product. You’re gonna BE THE PROOF! You can organically inspire and organically invite people into it with you which leads us to the second activity, inviting people.

So the way that I invite, this is where most people blow it by the way, this is where its totally different the way that I teach it. So, most people in other businesses, other trainings, they are inviting people into their deal. Their inviting people directly to just sign up, they are pitching people, it doesn’t work, you know it, I know it. So what Im doing is totally different.

I teach people to invite people to look at information about a product to see if its something they’d even consider doing and by the way if its totally not your bag you’re not interested in trying it totally cool not a big deal and if you wanna try it great we will do it.

So here is what the invitation could look like. It could be as simple as, hey sue I just got into a business. I don’t know if the business would be for you or not but I think you might really like the product. Would you like to look at some information I have about the product to see if you’d even consider trying it? Don’t know if you’d like it but I think you might. If you end up looking at it and its not your thing its totally cool and if it is your thing its cool too. Let me know, talk to you soon.

That can be a phone call, private message, email… I’ve been testing this extensively since I started in august of 2007. It was about 2 years later that I got the invitation down right so I could shave two years off of your efforts with that alone just so you know. LoL

The later half of 2009 I got the invitation down to look like that so its been quite a few years testing it extensively so I get curiosity, I get gratitude, I don’t get resistance, its very very rare if somebody shows any resistance.

And I’ve had other people terribly shy, people that have tried other businesses that turned people off in the past and they try this approach and they call me back the next day and they say, Tom this actually worked! People wanna know about it! How exciting! And then their confidence is better and all these other things and Im like thank goodness some people still have the openness to try something like this no matter whats happened in the past and that’s a beautiful thing.

So that’s the second thing, it’s inviting.

Consume the product being proof the product works, how we invite people, and the third thing, I have people do this whenever they’re ready, some people are ready right away, maybe a week later a few days later a month later, its developing content. You get to be yourself. You get to pull your self out of your self.

My facebook for example.. you go up and down my facebook wall I’m talking about things I’m passionate about and I’m doing that in a way that’s attractive. People interact and new people friend up with me so my contacts are growing on a daily basis.

Likewise I’ve had the shyest most socially awkward of people try this stuff out as I teach it and they let me know, Tom this is amazing! I’m getting friend requests, people are contacting me starting the conversation with me about what I’m doing.. I mean, that’s a really cool thing. So that is the third activity.

So consuming product to get a result from the product, how we invite people, sharing attractive content coming from your heart, your passions, and the 4th thing.. Daily personal growth and development.

That could be if you’re a reader you could read a really great book that helps you with your philosophies, emotional maturity, a skill set about whatever, ya know whatever you need to develop about yourself. You could be listening to audio. One cool thing about personal development is you don’t even need to take extra time to do it. When you’re driving in a car, or maybe your riding in a subway and you take public transportation you could just put something in your iPod or whatever and listen to some really fantastic audio just as long as you’re putting great ideas and mindset stuff into your brain every day whether its for your emotional maturity, your spiritual maturity, or maybe more of a how to thing for a particular skill set that you’re weak in. Whatever it is you just do a little bit a few minutes every day, that’s all it takes.

So that’s it. All my training are around those things and I’ve got all kinds of little strategies, big strategies, mini small strategies, all things you can do in your spare time. For those of you that really wanna plug away for hours every day it really doesn’t matter I’ve got you covered so that it works for you and its all going to be centered around who you are never to be asked somebody that you’re not because that’s weird and it turns people off.

So there you go! I hope that clears it up for you because this is the most important thing its the training its not the comp plan like everyone thinks its the comp plan and its not. The comp plan does not pay people who don’t work and people who don’t get the skills. For people who don’t show up the comp plan doesn’t do anything for them even if its the most awesome comp plan ever made.

Its the training and education, so there you go!

I HEART people who have the guts to be themselves, to live, to laugh, and to LEARN how to make lots of residual passive money spreading Health and Wealth.

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