Life Can be So Intentially Amazing Beyond Words..

life can be so goodLife can be so intentionally AMAZING because I’ve made it so.  I regularly catch a plane to visit my birth family at the encouragement of my Adoptive family. We don’t get to choose our parents and I got four AMAZING ones which I am ETERNALLY Grateful for.

The reason I say I’ve MADE my life a good one is because I created the freedom for myself to be able to spend my time on whatever I DECIDE IS MOST IMPORTANT rather than being oppressed by the terrible binds and tyranny that a Job and other Pyramid Schemes Offer.

I started to change my income in august of 2007 so I could retire from the job racket in 2010 and set myself free from money or time constraints.

My wish for you is to take big leaping steps toward your own freedom from dependency on a paycheck from a job or any kind of money slavery for that matter.

Life is so much better living in freedom. Time is more important than money. The ONLY way to Separate yourself from money is to change your income into a residual and passive one, otherwise, you are its Slave, like it or not.

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– Tom

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