Murder Your Limiting Beliefs

Desrt Backdrop

Beautiful Mountainous Desert outside of Las Vegas, NV

HELL on earth would be meeting the person you COULD have been if you’d Murder Your Limiting Beliefs. Have you wondered what life would be like if you Stopped saying NO to yourself and EMBRACED the journey of FALLING your way there?

It took me 3 MONTHS to say YES to myself when I was first invited to be a Beachbody Coach. Limiting Beliefs robbed 3 more MONTHS of my time. I still have limiting beliefs but I’m on my Journey now.

So far since I began that process in 2007 I’ve Fired my Boss, I got Healthy, I helped over a thousand others get healthy SO FAR, I bought my house in CASH no mortgage, I bought 5 more multi unit houses that I hired a management company to take care of for me and rent out super cheap to lower income families, I travel now like I’ve always wanted to, I don’t ask permission from a gate keeper or a boss to do anything because I’m free now, and most importantly I can put my energy into the moment of creating experiences rather than worry how the bills will be paid.

It’s no secret…

we always welcome people into our community. Who knows, maybe it could change yours too. You never know if you don’t ask and don’t try. People are always welcome to join my challenge groups and or my team. You have to take care of your health while you’re here. What a wonderful way to make more than enough money to LIVE FREE by Spreading Health and Positivity while Quashing Sickness backed by people building each other up. Ya know?

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