Stay Motivated – The Struggle

winter_backgroundRegularly I’m asked HOW DO I STAY MOTIVATED? I don’t. I have my moments. I’m human. I don’t let it last. I don’t let it consume me. I don’t put on a face of “perfection” because it would be a lie. I LOVE having my challenges. They help me connect genuinely with YOU.
BUT then I remember back when I had to look for a new job because my last Boss sold mine to India. I remember the CHURNS in my stomach over losing all my income and ability to pay my bills. Even when I thought my job was secure I wasn’t happy but I wasn’t scared either.
When I LOSE Motivation I remember being SCARED and SICK those days. I remember how GRATEFUL I am for my Girlfriend in 2007 to invite me into this Online Business that set me FREE from all that Non Sense.
There are a LOT of people not happy. So MANY not wanting to work 40 years to retire poorer than when they were working. People SICK of fighting & stressing over job or money problems. Families SICK over instability and feelings of lack of control. ANY day you could be told your job is gone right after you BELIEVED you’re job was secure. So MANY PEOPLE deserve their promised Retirement have it taken away. It’s not fun depending on a Job for income to cover yourself and nourish your family. There are SO MANY PEOPLE LOOKING FOR A BETTER WAY. More than EVER in our history. The MIDDLE Class has just recently become a Minority. You’re most likely either rich or poor as the middle keeps shrinking.
It’s easy to bounce back to motivation. What’s the alternative? I don’t want to live out of a fear of loss. I don’t want to put energy into paying bills. I don’t want to live and Die underneath the thumbs of others who can tell me what to do. I don’t want the instability of no control. I don’t want to work in a pyramid scheme. EVERY JOB IS A CLASSIC PYRAMID SCHEME. Big business interests NEED Obedient Workers. I don’t want to return to obedience school.
There is a LOT left to do. There are MILLIONS of people Looking for a BETTER way than the way they’ve been sold. YOU just have to be brave enough to FEVERISHLY SEARCH AND RELENTLESSLY ACT on a Better way like I did.
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– Tom
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