My FAST review of Cabo San Lucas Mexico:

When you get away from the Corporate Takeover Bullshit you’ll find a much more authentic Cabo with Indigenous land and culture.

The tacos are $1 or $2 dollars instead of $9 and taste infinitely better. The food is fresh you can see them chop the vegetables and make everything right there in front of you made to order. The buildings are locally designed and built rather than the obvious corporate cookie cutter bullshit. The people, especially the senoritas, will look up to make eye contact with you and smile. The beaches and natural landscape of the mountains running into the water are beautiful. The indigenous plants and palm trees are so pretty and all part of mother natures master pieces.

It doesn’t take much to get away from the corporate takeover bullshit. Just go a block or two away and you will be in the REAL Cabo.

How will you know?

It will be obvious just go and find out.

Be CURIOUS and explore!

Make your own adventures!

Experience it!

I refuse to spend any money in the Corporate takeover bullshit area. They took a beautiful land and raped it with their bullshit. No thank you bean counters on wall street. If the rest of you stop spending your money in the corporate bullshit takeover areas then they will go away. Spend your money where your values are. Not just in Cabo but everywhere.

Viva La Mexico Los Cabos!!!


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