Nobody Wants to be Controlled and Manipulated by Money Dependency but Its Part of Your Conditioning

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I do not know of anybody that wants to be controlled and manipulated through the dependency of money to pay bills and eat.

I’ve never heard anybody say that’s what they want with their life.

All the while the kind of income you’re making you have to have a level of obedience to wherever it is that your income is coming from or you lose that income because they will fire you or get rid of you in some other way.

You may love or hate your job.

but nobody wants to be controlled or manipulated through money dependency to pay your bills so you can eat.

Nobody wants to have a level of obedience to some other human being otherwise you could lose your ability to put food on the table and pay bills.

Believe it or not this is totally without your knowledge but the way that you describe what is good money and what is not good money is all part of your conditioning and part of your obedience training so that you do not give up that life style of working for a paycheck so that you can eat and pay bills.

When someone says, what is good money?

Fifty an hour?

Thats good money.

A hundred thousand dollar a year salary?

That’s good money!

Now when I hear that, this is complete backwards this is opposite of how most people think about money.

When I hear that, that just tells me that the fact you can actually cite how much money you make an hour, how much money you make a year, that tells me that you are completely shackled in handcuffs to the dollar, that you don’t own your time somebody else does.

That is a horrible poor quality of money and people describe as good because of its quantity, ignoring it’s quality because there is no quality in that kind of money.

Now when somebody asks me, Tom how much money did you make your first year of what you do?

And I’m like, I can’t quote you a dollar amount I have no idea I’m still earning on those initial efforts even though those initial efforts were 9 years ago.

At the time of this video it’s march of 2017.

I started this experience in august of 2007 so that was about nine and a half years ago.

I have no idea how much money I’ve made my first year because I’m still earning on those initial efforts even though those efforts have long been expired.

It makes no sense to only get paid when you show up.

But that’s part of your conditioning.

Did you know there is a way to make money even when you’re not showing up.

Wouldnt it be better….

It presents a huge enormous problem and enormous limitations to you and your life and how you spend your time iff you’re only going to be paid when you’re showing up.

Thats the proverbial hamster wheel.

The hamster working hard going no where and as soon as he gets off his little wheel it stops.

That’s your job!

And that’s your self employed experience if you’re self employed for almost all of you that are self employed and all of you if you have a job.

Wouldn’t it be more intelligent, not just better, but more intelligent, more intellectually intelligent, thats redundant, to be paid whether you show up or you don’t show up?

Whether you’re on vacation or you’re sleeping or you roll out of bed or you roll over in bed?

Wouldn’t it be more intelligent and smarter if you’re being paid if you decided to take on some interesting project that had no return financially whatsoever but you wanna do it because it’s interesting and it speaks to you in some way but you’re still getting paid regardless on some initial efforts that you did maybe years ago or months ago or decades ago who knows!

That’s much more intelligent.

That’s much more secure.

It’s much more stable.

It’s also the end all be all solution.

There are not much of those, right?

It is an actual end all be all solution to being controlled and manipulated through the dependency of money to make sure you’re covered to eat, to pay your bills, support your family, give more to charity if you want to, all those things.

So it’s all about passive and residual money.

I’m going to stick another video at the end of this one hear real soon so don’t go anywhere, that I made a while back about four ways that you can start generating your own passive residual money so you can be a free human being and entirely de couple yourself and unshackle yourself from money dependency so you can be the powerful thriving FREE liberated human being that you’ve always wanted to be but maybe you didn’t know how.

So this will be extremely valuable for you.

I recommend you pause this and get something to jot some notes down with and take some notes so you can start that search of finding something that you wanna do to start generating your own passive and residual money.

If you don’t have any time for it then you don’t have time not to do it because this is the antithesis to not having any time so that you don’t have to keep showing up and you’ll emerge at some point in the future a free human being.

You’re going to put forth anyway, you might as well put your effort where you’re going to be a free human being rather than an obedient servant to people that need your unquestionable obedience so that they can control and manipulate you through the dependency of money.

That life style is bullshit and you don’t need to keep living it for the rest of your life.


so stay tuned I’m stitching that video on right now..

Hello everyone!

I’m going to teach!

I love great students.

I’m a great student so I can be a great teacher.

I’m going to teach 4 ways of developing your own passive money.

Passive money is bad ass because it’s the only income type that you can actually let you detach yourself from money so you never have to work for a flippin paycheck again or be controlled and manipulated through the dependency of money to pay your bills because who wants to be controlled and manipulated through the dependency of money?

Or anything for that matter.

So here is four ways to get that going.

And by the way, hate to say it, that’s not true I love to say it..

There is only 1 of the 4 that 49 out of 50 of you are going to be able to take advantage of anway.

But I’m going to show you all four anyway so you have some really great perspective and maybe down the road after you get the one you can go for the others if you wish.

IT’s totally up to you because with passive money when you start making it and you have enough of it you can do whatever you want with your time and you’re covered financially which means you developed the freedom of the mind which always precedes all other freedoms.

So lets get started!

Number 1, and in no particular order.

I will save the best that’s widely available to everybody for last.

You can buy a traditional business like a microsoft or amazing or develop your own or buy something for millions and millions of dollars.

Right off the bat you probably don’t have that cash laying around so that rules that out.

But, if you get to that point you can do that if you wanted to and you could hire other people to manager it for you.

You could have the vision, the concepts, here is what you want to do that you wanna communicate, but to make it passive so that you are unattached from money so you can do what you want with your time, you’d wanna have managers that would execute your vision and your ideas for you.

The second way to create passive money which is probably going to be pretty widely unavailable to 49 out of 50 of you is you can get into royalty checks.

To get into royalty checks first you have to be super famous.

I’m talking like a Michael Jordan, a Bill Gates, an Ex President, a Cher, A Madonna, somebody who is super famous everybody knows your name throughout the world.

Usually top athletes, top political figures, top musicians, artists, you know, people that people know and already spend money on their merchandise and things like that.

Well if you’re that kind of a person you could write a book!

You could come out with an audio, you could pay people to set up processes that are fully automated online so that your store for your whatever you created is up 24/7 and automatically receives orders, automatically fulfills those orders so you could have this passive income.

Only one problem, how many people out there actually know you and know you to be at least a credible enough person to actually spend money on a book or audio or something else you put out there?

What’s that?

How many people?


One or two?

Three or four?

You know it would probably take three or four hundred thousand let alone three or four people, I mean, if you want to replace your job income and beyond.

Ok, so royalties, at least for now because you’re not famous yet, is out of the question.

Let’s move on to number three.

Real Estate!

This is one of the four that I actually got into.

I do real estate!

It wasnt until… Well… I’ll do number four last.

But, Real Estate!

I was spring boarded into being able to do real estate.

And real Estate, what is the problem with that?

Ok, well, if you’re going to do rental properties it’s an investment thing.

It’s passive cash flow right?

You’ve gotta have the down payment for the building.

It’s going to be more than where you would be living.

If you’re going to buy a place for you to actually live in you’re get cheaper interest rates and the option of a cheaper down payment.

For an investment for passive cash you have to put even more money down and interest rates are going to be higher.

That’s just the way that it is and I didnt write the rules, ok?

So let’s just say fifty thousand dollars just to get your foot in the door to get your first real estate property that’s going to produce you some passive cash?

Ya got fifty thousand dollars?

Well my wallet hasn’t gotten any thicker since the last time you asked that question Tom!

I didn’t think so.

And not only that, but, one property for fifty thousand dollar down payment you might see one hundred dollars, two hundred, maybe three hundred dollars at the most return on investment on a monthly basis.

Is three hundred dollars a month really going to replace your job income?

Is that going to be ok?


You need to buy lots of properties.
That fifty thousand dollars would be just to get you in the door.

You’d have to have millions of dollars worth of properties even to begin to talk about replacing your job income and going beyond that so you can have the option of leaving your job and being free.

And by the way..

You’d want to hire property managers like I do so the income is passive.

I don’t know my tenants.

I don’t have a relationship with them.

I don’t get phone calls about the properties.

I never even have to drive over and look at any of them.

It’s passive money because I’ve got property managers they are the best in the business and they are awesome and I love them because they make it possible for it to be passive.

So since this is off the table for 49 out of 50 of you there is one more left.

One more way to create this wonderful thing called passive money and it’s so wonderful because you can detach yourself from money and be covered financially no matter what you do with you’re time and that’s freedom!

Network Marketing.

I’m not going to pitch you my business.

Brace yourself and be eager for some very tough love.

The humble will be lifted up, the prideful town down.

When it comes to network marketing and weigh that against all of the other opportunities to create some freedom for yourself, and you finally get to be your genuine self!

Can you imagine what that’s going to be like?

I remember way back in the day when I did have a job I had to bite my tongue!

I had to do things I didnt agree with otherwise they could take my livelihood away from me because I was controlled and manipulated through money dependency like 49 out of 50 of you are.

In network marketing you get to be yourself.

How liberating and freeing is that?

For 49 out of 50 of you out there network marketing is the only realistic way that you have to create freedom for yourself and create real security and stability for yourself and your family.

The problem that you’ve saddled yourself with for years that you’ve done to yourself that maybe you’re not aware of is that, yes, you wanna be a free human being, and maybe you even know about this thing called passive money, maybe conceptually you knew what it was but you just didnt know what it was called you just knew there was a way to become financially free, you just didnt know that it was called passive money.

But now you know because I told you.

So maybe you know these things now and you’re still not realistic about what it would take for you to become a free human being.

Those other three things, those other three ways, the traditional business because you don’t have the money for that who has millions of dollars?

Almost nobody.

Real estate?

Real estate is like fifty thousand bucks maybe just to get your foot in the door and the return on investment is going to be maybe a fraction of what I make at my job?

Ok you can’t do it yet.

Royalties, ok, nobody knows my name or maybe just a few people but there is not three or four hundred thousand or three or four million that would buy something, like a book or something if I put it out.

Ok so those are gone!

So if what is coming out of your mouth that you wanna be a free human being has real meaning and sustenance and you’re dead serious about it then realistically network marketing is your only option for the bulk majority of 49 out of 50 maybe even 99 out of 100 of you out there it’s the only thing left.

And not that that’s a bad thing..

So here is the tough love part..

And that is where I’m going to lose most of you and I’m perfectly ok with that I don’t say this to be a populous.

For a lot of you, your whole lives you’ve been saying stuff that you don’t see through and that you don’t line up with how your feet are walking with what is coming out of your mouth.

And this is a perfect example.

Everyone is saying I wish I were free, I wanna be financially free, I Wanna have more options I wanna get ahead and get out of debt and all these things.

But then you have these opportunities to do that and you’re not realistic about it whatsoever.

And when you’re not realistic about something that you want whether it’s freedom or whatever it is…


I say this with love…

But when you’re not realistic about what it is that you want then you’re a clown.

And I have no doubt if you’re a clown you have all kinds of people in your life that don’t take you seriously, that don’t really listen to you much, that fight with you, maybe put you down and other things like that and don’t really encourage you.

Why would they take you seriously?

You’ve conditioned them and trained them to not take you seriously because you routinely in your past and maybe still in your present you do not have any realistic expectation or realistic idea for ACTION to take on what is coming out of your mouth that you say is really important to you, period.

Now you can draw a line in the sand TODAY.

I drew a line in the sand YEARS ago and jumped over with BOTH feet.

Not one foot planted on either side.

So you’ve gotta draw a line in the sand and jump over with both feet and you’re still going to get a hard time from people you’ve conditioned your whole life to treat you like a clown.

But, you can begin that process for new people that you meet to take you more seriously.

And people that have known you for a while to maybe take a second look for you, after more time as past, because maybe you tried something in the past that you stuck with for five minutes and got out.

So you might have to do something for a solid year or two or three until people that really know you well are going to take you seriously again.

That’s how life works.

You’ve gotta earn peoples trust and respect.

Even those who give that to you by default you burn them!

You burn people who trust you out of default when you don’t do what you say you’re going to do or have realistic expectations about what you say that you want.

Ok so let me get back to this network marketing thing and why it works for everybody.

The start up..

By the way I’m not pitching you my thing so don’t worry about that.

It’s an insignificant amount of money to start up.

When I got started in my deal I had no job, I had no income, I didnt even have to use my own money.

I got started for two hundred and forty dollars which is INSANE compared to the millions of dollars it takes for the traditional business, the fifty thousand it takes to get the one hundred, the two hundred, maybe the three hundred dollars return on investment in real estate?

Or, well I don’t have the notoriety to do royalties now do I?

No, of course not.

So the two hundred and forty dollars it took me to get started in my network marketing gig is just embarrassingly insignificant compared to the other ways to get started with passive money.

So right off the bat it’s available to everybody and you don’t even need to start with your own money.

You could borrow, you could use a credit card, I even created a list of 31 ways of raising money without having any, or 31 ways to get started with something without using any of your own money.

So I got started without any of the money, the two hundred and forty dollars, and I had no means of paying it back when I got started because I had no job and no income.

And most people would say that’s stupid.

Most people are either dead or dead broke before the age of 65 dependent and needy on the government or friends and family as the main source of their income.

So most people in my opinion are completely stupid when it comes to this area and if I listened to them I’d be just as needy as they are for a paycheck and I don’t want that.

That’s where you have to be humble so you’re lifted up while the prideful town down every time.

I was a straight D student.

Think about this..

What if you had millions of dollars to get into a traditional business, right?

Millions of dollars but no skill.

Kiss that millions of dollars goodbye along with the business.

Thats why you can’t get a bank loan to start a business like that because they know you’re going to go belly up.

The only way you’re going to get a bank loan for a business like that is if you’ve already got the passive cash flow then they’ll loan you the money no problem then!

Otherwise they aint gonna do it.

So you have to have millions of dollars of your own money to get started with a traditional business and you’ll have no skill and then it’s all gone anyway.


It’s gone.

That’s why people that inherent money and things like that and lottery winners thats why they just sort of get weeded out by life and they go right back into the poor house.

No skill.

Skill is more valuable than money!

You could lose money but youll still have you’re skill and you can just get it all back again.

It’s not a bad thing.

Especially when you know about passive money.

Passive income.

That’s what it’s all at!

That the magic!

It’s incredible.

So I was a straight D student.

I was in special ed classes.

Even in special ed I got Ds and I had a really hard time in school.

I was educably retarded so when I got into network marketing and being a business owner I had not a clue as to what I was doing.

But, I was HUNGRY to learn.

The great thing about network marketing in addition to the embarrassingly insignificant amount of money to get started you can come into it without no skill whatsoever like I did.

And it’s completely self paced.

You just have to show up and LOVE learning and do it in your spare time around everything else you’ve got going on.

In a traditional business if you’re going to do it especially the way that most people do a regularly business in a self employed experience…

Have you ever noticed that most people that have a business..

They don’t own a business their business owns them they can’t get away from it!

Their lives are just ruined and ruled and dictated by their business because their working for a paycheck even worse than you at your job which completely goes against why people become self employed.

They want more freedom, they want more options, and the opposite happens.

They have even less freedom and less options than people with a job.

And at a job you have virtually no freedom and no options it’s insanity the way most people are self employed because they don’t know anything about passive and residual income streams.

And that’s the whole key.

First of all passive money is not available at a job.

Bar none it does not exist.

Self employment, it does exist, but most people don’t go after it or they don’t know about it or who knows what, they just don’t do it.

I go after it.

That’s where network marketing is.


Leveraged income.

Passive money.

Network marketing is available to you because it’s an embarrassingly low insignificant amount of money to get started.

You can come in with no skill.

Be the expert non expert.

That’s sort of how I like to brand myself.

The expert non expert, special ed classes, straight Ds, and all those sort of things, and no job, no income, and I got started anyway and I just did it in my spare time.

I was going to college.

I actually gave that a shot.

Full time and a half when I got started.

I want to make sure I say that.

And other adult responsibilities and I was still able to do this at my own rate, my own pace, self paced learning, self paced action.

I showed up consistently and did little digestible bits every day and it was enough to build up my new passive money to where I could call off the job search.

I never did find a job again.

I havent had a job since 2006.

I havent needed one since 2010.

That was a long time ago.

As my new passive income continued to grow it was my spring boarded into getting into the real estate side of things!

And speaking of that, when I got into the real estate side of things I was able to take off in that business FASTER than anybody that does not do network marketing first.

Because those fools are trying to also live off of the little bit of income..

The little bit of the return on investment on those large sums of money for the down payments that I told you about earlier..

They’ve also gotta try to live off of that too as well as re invest it and expand and buy more properties.

Not me!

I was able to take one hundred percent and still to this day I have not taken out a distribution at all from the rental property business I have.

One hundred percent goes back into itself.

I bought my first five, not one, five properties in the first year and a half because I built up my network marketing business first with passive money.

So that one thing, the network marketing business, the ability to get into it with an insignificant amount of money, self paced, spare time, learning and showing up and just being hungry to learn and killing excuses and stripping down my ego so I could be humble and be lifted up by the powers that be that govern the universe.

Through that I was able to declare my own freedom, get to a point where I could completely detach myself from money and just enjoy life and also use it as a spring board to get my real estate property business going.

Who knows what else I am going to do in the future.

I love to travel!

I can travel now!

I Love traveling!

That’s rich man.

Rich is to create experiences.

Poor is to have to worry about where the money is going to come from.

You want to be rich.

You need passive money because being rich, the true rich, it’s not having tons of cash, it’s being covered financially with passive money so you can create rich experiences.

Experiences is what’s rich.

You don’t have the freedom to create them without enough passive money.

At a job and most self employment experiences you’re schedule is controlled and dictated by a dependency that you have for money.

A SICK cruel pyramid scam dependency that you have for money and that circumstance is completely insecure, unstable, you don’t own it, it can be taken away from you at any time and you have to abide by a policy and procedure manual nine miles high.

If you have a boss that’s really cool that let’s you do what you need as long as the job gets done well congratulations you have so much freedom you get to be yourself at the leisure and permission of a gate keeper.


But I digress..

So, those are the four ways man.

You can watch this video again.

Please share this video, pass this message along because more people deserve to be free.

More people YEARN to be free.

You can do somebody a huge favor just by passing this along.

The purpose of this video is to plant some seeds in your head not to pitch you my business.

However, if you would like to learn about my business you’re more than welcome to contact me on your own accord.

Private message on facebook would be best.

I’ll show you what I’ve got and either you like it or you don’t like it.

My website is tom birkenmyer dot com take out the space all lower case as you see its spelled on social media tom birkenmeyer dot come that’s my website.

Thousands of blog entries.

Many of them, mostly videos and some typed out things too.

But I hope you enjoy it.

I think you will enjoy it.

If you dug this video and stuck around to the end because most people will have clicked off in the first five minutes.

The majority of people that would have been left after the first five minutes would have clicked off when I got to the tough love part because they’re driven by an ego and pride more so than humility. LoL

Ask me how I know what that’s like!

When I gave up my pride and my ego and this and that and traded it out for humility and an eagerness to be corrected and re corrected..

That’s when I was able to learn things that really mattered that actually made a difference.

Sometimes you just have ot forget what you think you know and instead look at your results.

What are your circumstances right now?

Are you controlled and manipulated through money dependency or you can’t pay your bills?

Is that your circumstance?

Then forget what you know!

Tear down your stupid ego because it’s killing you and ripping your family off every fricken day you go to work for that stupid paycheck.

If you can hear that and not be offended then I would LOVE to hear from you..LoL

I became a GREAT student of great ideas from great people who said much more harsh things than that and they did it from a place of love.

When I became a great student I could become a great teacher and I could help people that would be great students in turn.

Do you see how that works? It’s a beautiful thing. So I will hear from some of you very soon.

And for those of you that I don’t hear from I hope you go out there and you discover this wonderful thing of passive money and you do something that adds a tremendous value to everybody around you and everybody that you’re going to meet in the future and you build your passive money that way.

There are people who make their money by managing peoples sickness and poverty, maybe yours..

And there are other people, like me, who have the GUTS to be ourselves, genuinely ourselves, and make piles and piles of PASSIVE money by perpetuating Health and Wealth and Holistic healing and happiness and great positive ideas and things like that.

So you can decide which side of that fence you want to be on.

Let it be the good side that perpetuates health, healing, happiness, wealth, railing against people that make their money by managing sickness and poverty.

And let the income that you create be a passive one because that is your only escape from being controlled and manipulated by money dependency is passive income.

And let there be in your brain a realistic expectation of what it’s going to take to get it otherwise, to go back to the tough love part, you’re a clown and everybody around you knows it because we pay attention more to your actions than your words.

That old saying, actions speaks louder than words!

Yeah they do especially when there is a massive in-congruence between your actions and your words.

I want to be free!

I want passive income!

I wanna be free!

Oh but I cant afford the first three things went over in this video but the last one that is available to me ohhhh it’s just not my thing!

Well now you’re a clown!

And you probably treat everything else in your life the same way.

Forget the passive income thing and being an entrepreneur.

Whatever in your life that’s ever been important to you, if that’s the algorithm that goes in your brain, that transcends your thought process, that algorithm transcends to every decision that you make in your life!

And that’s why people treat you like a clown because you are one.

Draw a freakin line in the sand, jump over with both feet, and be the GREAT person that you were designed for instead of ripping everybody around you off by being this lie that you are not.

I think that concludes this video.

With Love.. And Kisses!!!

Take care everyone.

I’ll hear from you very soon.

Bye for now.


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follow your heart

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