Wanna be Just Like Everyone else? *Choke, Cough, Gag*…

Tell the world what your Big Dreams Are and hang on to the same Beliefs about your circumstances you’ve always had.. Shrink yourself year after year just like everyone else and “just tellin it how it is” =)

Or…. Draw a line in the sand.. get some new beliefs about your circumstances and Grow from where you’re planted =)

Doesnt the latter sound like more fun than shrinking backwards and staying smaller than you were designed for?

Does it KILL your spirit to be manipulated by taxes and to have how you spend your time dictated by money and your job?

Do you feel like you were meant for something better than to be tossed around like a rag doll by your circumstances?

When you change your mind EVERYTHING organically changes…

You were BORN with the GIFT of changing your mind..

You’ve done it before so you’ve already proven you can change your mind…

As a Human Being you were NOT designed to be manipulated by taxes or to have your time dictated by money and a time clock.

You were actually designd to OVERCOME, grow, and become a person who can create freedom and Contribution.

When you make statements rooted in ego you cannot learn and you perpetuated a poor and lazy mind because you no longer have think and you shrink to your smaller self..

When you ask questions rooted in understanding you begin to open your mind into a rich and creative one that figures it out..

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follow your heart

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