It’s not about being Right IT’S ABOUT BEING RICH

follow your heartRich is being able to Afford the Healthier Food. It’s being able to work for FREE without Taking a single dollar from your Job for yourself.

That’s What I Teach in my Classes. I Teach to be RICH.

Being rich is about having the GUTS to BE YOURSELF, to Laugh, and to make LOTS of Residual Passive Money Spreading Health instead of sickness.


It’s about being where you need to be when you need to be without having to ask permission from a gatekeeper who may say no way.

It’s about escaping from being under control and manipulation through the dependency of money to pay your bills and nourish your family.

It’s about doing Your Part to take the Money Supply Away from the Criminals of the World.

Being Rich is about detaching your time from Money and getting OUT of the Pyramid Racket of a Human Domestication program known as a Job.

Being Rich is about getting out of a Rat race where you are the rat chasing the dollar every day so you can afford to keep your lights on at home.

Rich is NOT Big savings accounts.

It’s not Greed.

It’s not Ego.

Rich is Certainly not a High Paying Job and it’s Not being busy 24/7 at other peoples demands.

You’ll be taxed to death for that nonsense of not being rich anyway.

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P.S. What makes YOU rich? How can you become more Rich than you already are? Dream of something that Causes you to Get Creative and Find solutions Outside of the box… Dream up something that Causes you to figure stuff out and Grow. YOU CAN DO IT! =)


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