Our Democracy and Economy is We the People

A democracy only exists until the voters discover that they can vote themselves something for nothing from the public treasury. From that time on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from that public treasury. We see it in every election for president. The end result, there has literally never been a single exception in all world history, is that the democracy collapses over loose fiscal policy, followed by a dictatorship or totalitarian rule.

We are in a state of dependency right now. The majority depend on something for nothing from the public treasury in the form of subsidies of all kinds like welfare, medicare, medicaid, social security, retirement nest eggs etc.. One day the party will be over and all of these “paper money” programs will dry up, leaving you who are depending on government, without anything because you didn’t take personal responsibility for your own livelihood and retirement. Only 2% of the population is independent and can retire on an income of their own personal resources. 98% are dependent. Let’s swing the pendulum. If we don’t then eventually the economy, as well as your free hand outs, will topple and there will be nothing left for your kids or grand kids. Let’s SWING that pendulum. Vote for president, but do your part as well. Start doing the work today to become independent.

Voting is important, sure, but their is a wide spread delusion that things are going to be better depending on which side wins.

How do you spend your time and your money every day? How you live your own life has a far more dramatic affect on the health and wellness of our country than how you vote every four years. Politics and industries follow demand. They follow money. The economy is driven by people. When the economy sucks its because people suck with their money. It’s not the government. It’s us. You are part of us. I am part of us. Let’s change; then the economy changes =) Take your dependency out of government, out of your jobs pension or other retirement plan, and become independent. Clean up your own house, first, instead of worrying about others or the government. 98% of house holds in America are a complete mess. Let’s clean up our own houses and begin the work of becoming Independent.


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