People are interesting if you don’t take it too personal

It’s fun to share some of these odd interactions and get feedback from you beautiful people.

We were having a nice conversation about nature, outdoor activities, renewable energy and self-sufficient living. Then suddenly out of nowhere, bam! You can read it in the screenshot I captured here.

I’m speculating she has a past of men who have treated her terribly and sadly she’s not responding to her past in a healthy way going forward at this point.

I give it a 50/50 chance that she even read my response explaining why she might have been under the impression I have multiple profiles while in reality I just have just one. She may have no idea I responded. Or maybe she did read my response and deleted me anyway out of a disbelief. I have no idea.

If you have your own speculations or ideas you would like to add please feel free to chime in. I don’t need consoling or anything like that. I’m not upset by this. Just very curious to learn more about people in general.


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