Perpetuating the Human Species to Death or to Life

epicAre we as a human species on a path toward cancelling out our existence through a public policy that encourages how we re produce?

This is incredibly intriguing food for thought and action that goes to the heart of All that is Wrong with Having an “Entitlement” people that now dominates politics and the planet in which we live on…

As a matter of fact, not opinion, there are more people having children who do not have the means to raise them than there are people having children who do have the means to raise them.

This in and of itself is not sustainable and either this will change, or, we will perpetuate our species out of existence.

Anything that is unsustainable that does not become sustainable will die, period.

Before you send hate mail read this and truly understand the message.  Odds are favorable that you and I are on the same page anyway so stick with me here…

For the first time in the worlds history human kind through public policy is working against nature in that it’s no longer building a sustainable gene pool.

Through bad systems of well fare and other public policy human kind is manipulating nature by weeding out the sustainable so the unsustainable can thrive right up until there are no more resources to sustain anyone or anything including the sustainable and responsible.

The unsustainable making poor and selfish decisions are imminently taking out the sustainable and responsible with them.  It’s exactly like a Cancer to the body that siphons nutrients from it’s own host to thrive until the host is dead, and when the host is dead, the cancers dies with it.

Cancer by it’s nature is self sabotaging right to it’s own ultimate demise.   For the first time in world history through public policy and reproduction PEOPLE are self sabotaging a whole human species right to our own ultimate Demise UNLESS we become sustainable before passing a threshold of no return.

We are the only species on the planet doing this.  We are the only species that is a cancer on the planet.

Am I saying Welfare and other subsidies should stop?   No…

I’m Not even saying welfare is a bad idea, but, when you have welfare that largely enables rather than equips then we are fighting nature and that’s why we are ultimately on a path to annihilating the entire human population less we change course and learn to cooperate with nature.

Welfare, and other subsidies and public policy, can be a tool used to equip people rather than enable. 

Sadly MOST people, when given a crutch they don’t need, will take that crutch and cripple themselves with that crutch so badly they will eventually no longer have a choice but to be NEEDY for that crutch, for real.

I know most of you will read my message and understand it for what it is.  I also know SOME of you will interpret my message for what it is not and falsely identify me as someone who would leave the “less fortunate” to the wolves.

It’s the entitlement driven enablers of the world successfully affecting public policy to encourage more enablers that will take resources until they are gone and kill us all in the end.  This is done under the perceived flag of “compassion for all”. That falsely perceived flag of “compassion for all” ironically will be the death to us all.

There is no compassion in giving someone a crutch who does not need a crutch.  The quickest way to cripple a person is to give that person who does not need a crutch, a crutch.   That is cruel and unusual commonly falsely identified as compassion and STEALS from people who truly do need a crutch.

Sadly on one extreme side of the fence we have a few people shouting from the roof tops that all forms of welfare and subsidies should end because it’s SOCIALISM.  Sadly a few people will believe that’s my message, too.   It’s a ridiculous message and just maybe as cruel and unusual as giving out crutches to people who don’t need them.

So the BIG question comes up…

Capitalism or Socialism?

Can you be both Capitalist & Socialist?  The answer is YES!!!

Just so you know… Most people are closet socialists anyway and don’t even know it ESPECIALLY in the United states.  Just ask anyone receiving social security, medicare, a government backed mortgage, a government insured savings account, grants for business or higher education etc..

Plus, you would not seriously say that someone who truly needs free government money because they have ZERO means to do for themselves should be denied, right?  I didn’t think so… But, you do believe when someone is pridefully “milking the system” they should probably have their “free lunch” taken away, right?

Congratulations you are both a Capitalist and a Socialist!

It’s important you recognize you have the intelligence to be both so you’re not perpetuating a very Dangerous message of hardline capitalism or socialism.

“The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald…

Hard Line Capitalists and Socialists never look at opposing ideas and they are always wrong…

To be hard core capitalist or socialist is a very poor and lazy mind set that destroys everything it touches…

To be both capitalist and socialist is where True Wealth is with Money and In Every Other way Possible.

My Message to Perpetuate into the world is this…

To compassionately become both capitalist and socialist is the path to turning the unsustainable into sustainable again in which EVERYONE wins.

“If all insects on Earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.”
— Jonas Salk, Biologist

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– Tom

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