Politician calls their NRA donors..

Hey can we enact a universal background check and close the gun-show loophole? 97% of our constituents really want it!

NRA puppeteer: No you son of a bitch you fall back in line and do as you’re told or I take your piggy bank away!

Puppet politician: Please please please don’t dry up our piggy bank I will do as you say sorry sir!

A few minutes later the pathetic and groveling puppet politician makes a public appearance: it’s time for thoughts and prayers. Unity in the community. It’s not time for politics it’s too fresh of a tragedy. Thoughts and prayers let’s have some thoughts and prayers.

That’s about how it goes on every issue you name it. Healthcare, energy, pharmaceutical companies, Wall Street, income inequality, the environment, the quality of your job, you name it it’s the same deal.

Now we have an interrupter so fear not! The effective interrupter is coming from a bunch of kids in Parkland Florida who saw their friends get massacred buy a violent criminal with an assault weapon. These kids impress me they are the ones affecting change for the first time around the matter of criminals using guns to kill people. These kids are clear. They believe in our Second Amendment right to own firearms. They are making better checks and balances become our new reality even if it means voting in a new Congress that says no to legalized bribe money. These kids are the only people in large numbers who are smart enough to connect the dots between bribery in politics and the politicians who are being bribed. There is only 3% left of the country who does not want a universal background check or to close the gun-show loophole. To those of you who are the 3% you are going to be humiliated years from now when we look back in disbelief at how there were even 3% against something that will chip away at Violence by gun. When we cut in half the number of deaths from 30,000 a year to 15,000 a year those 3% are going to be humiliated along with those who were bribed in politics. The bizarre aspect to all of this is the 3% aren’t being bribed they take their position without bribe money. What is also bizarre is they always anoint themselves as the savior of sanctity to life. That guardian and protector of life is not in alignment with protecting an unchanged status quo that kills over 30,000 people per year. Japan has one of the worst gun death rates in the world after the United States. They experience only 13 deaths per year by gun. But to be fair we are three times the size. So I multiply 13 x 3 and you get 39 deaths per year to keep it proportion 2 our over 30,000 deaths per year. I submit that anyone claiming to be a Guardian of Life and against a universal background check is a clown. The money is coming out of politics thanks to these kids. There is no reason to believe it isn’t the pendulum is beginning to swing the other direction we will have a representative democracy either this election cycle or the next but certainly not 3 from now. We have over 50 people running for various house and a senate seats who openly reject all bribe money from their campaign while ridiculing their opponent at every corner for accepting bribe money. One year ago it was one person. It grew to over 50 in one year this is the king of Trends and a trend we so desperately needed. Right now Congress is an enemy of the people. When you have a Congress that goes against the wishes and will of 97% of its own constituents you have a Congress that is an enemy of the people. Google search open Secrets money in politics. Find out who is being bribed and who is not and vote for they who are not bribed that’s how we ensure we will deserve to have a representative democracy. Please share this.


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