Prioritizing Your Time and Energy to Make the Biggest Positive Difference

tombirkenmeyercomWhen you go out there to help anyone and EVERYONE you’re time will surely be Wasted on the derelicts who waste your time and suck your life out of you from making a Positive Difference.

Your help will be Robbed and Stolen away from people who would have been faithful with your time and energy.

I know you mean well.

Be selective.

Be Conditional in this context =)

Sort people.

Don’t judge.

Wanna Make a Bigger Positive Difference than you are right now??

Prioritize the one LIFE you have for people who are READY for you as they become ready, not before.

Sprinkle seeds of Love EVERYWHERE you never know where love will take root and sprout but be intelligent about where you spend your energy if you want to make a bigger positive difference!

This effort to Help anyone and Everyone is a complete Waste and nothing more than an ego trip that doesn’t really work anyway.

If you think sorting and prioritizing your time takes energy just wait til you foolishly allow energy vampires to suck the life out of you =) Don’t be stupid with your one life you have to make a difference!

Every minute you spend on a derelict is a minute robbed from someone who would have been faithful. Your Ego Trip to Help EVERYONE is hurting people!

If you’re out to make yourself feel better by offering to help anyone and Everyone believe me you’re ego will feel better if you make a bigger positive difference than you are right now by Intelligently Prioritizing who you’re going to emotionally invest yourself into.

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