$$ Re-purposing is the SOLUTION to EVERYTHING.

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Re-purpose how you profit by spreading Health and Wealth then Sickness and Poverty becomes HISTORY.

Replace your negative energy toward money with positive EAGER Energy toward money & we SNUFF OUT ALL criminals of the world who make up the money supply.

Whats super cool about re-purposing MONEY is it’s Objectively LOVE driven and that is why GOOD people full of giving and receiving love NEED to be the ones Taking over the money supply from the Criminals.

Atrocities like starvation, factory farms, Business and Political Corruption, poverty, perpetual sickness, chronic debt, and human trafficking exist because Good Loving people let the Criminals of the world Maintain Control over the Money Supply.

Please Share.

It’s worth while to change this paradigm of Money for the Health of the Worlds species.

1. Learn passive and Residual Money.

2. Research how you can do what you love and what makes you happiest with Passive and Residual Money.

3. Do That and share openly how you did it with anyone who will listen. Then when enough people do that. We Win. Everyone Wins.

Until then we live in a world of atrocities against humanity driven by criminals at the idle permission of the rest of us.

I do not want to participate in the non-participation that paves the bright trail for criminals to thrive in at the expense of all species.



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follow your heart

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