When the going gets TOUGH you have a choice to Quit or FIGURE IT OUT.

You also have a choice in every 1 minute of each and every day of your life to keep the status quo or DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND FROM YOUR PAST.

You tried going for your dreams and it didn’t work out?

You had good reason to quit?

Each and every one of us has had those moments where it got hard and we quit, INCLUDING ME.

In every minute of every day is an opportunity to draw a line in the sand from our past and jump over the line with BOTH feet, not with one tucked timidly still in the past, and commit to never quitting ever again on anything important.

At the end of all the mental gymnastics we do to rationalize how quitting makes sense we still get to make a choice to quit or figure it out when the going gets tough.

There will always be reasons to quit so if that’s what you’re looking for you’ll find it every time.

You’re always either going to be pushed around like a rag doll by your circumstances or you’ll be pulled by your vision.

The burden is on you to build a vision meaningful enough that you’ll always be pulled through the challenges and hard times because your dreams are bigger than your challenges and hard times.

It’s the Rationalization of quitting that makes it a little easier for us to live with ourselves when we choose to quit and that is the ONLY reason we ever rationalize quitting (Ok not really but we think it does temporarily make us feel better until deep down inside we realize quitting makes us feel worse no matter how much rationalizing we do to make quitting easier to stomach).


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follow your heart

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