Release the Potential of Your Human Spirit

tombirkenmeyercomI forbade the words “I can’t afford it”. Instead I require from myself and others who want my time to ask, “How can I afford it?” – Tom Birkenmeyer

The words, “I can’t afford it,” shuts down your mind to possibilities—you don’t have to think. It is a poor and lazy mindset. The words, “How can I afford it,” open up your mind, forcing you to think and search for answers. It is a rich and creative mindset.

Most important, asking, “How can I afford it,” releases the potential of your human spirit to battle with the lazy mindset. Most people think using the words, “We can’t afford it,” teaches them to battle greed, but really it teaches kids to find excuses, which leads to laziness. – Robert Kiyosaki

Read “The Cure for Laziness” by Robert Kiyosaki

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– Tom

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