Rest in Peace Charlotte Gerson <3

Charlotte is someone everyone should know about. She is the great fighter for Natural Health in healing people from ALL cancers and other diseases and whistle blower against PhRMA.

Her father Dr Max Gerson discovered the cure for cancer for in nature not medicine almost a hundred years ago. He was assassinated. The Gerson Therapy is completely illegal to offer as an option for treatment in all united states hospitals.

Charlotte carried on the work of her father until tonight just a few hours ago from this post. She gets to be with her dad again. I can only imagine that right now her father finally gets to praise her for carrying his important life saving work forward.

I’m grateful I got to meet her shortly before she had to stop her public appearances. She slipped away at a ripe old age in zero pain and never a PhRMA patient because of how she lived.

She set an example for us all to stand up against corruption, to fight for saving peoples lives with nature not PhRMA, and to practice NATURAL health as a daily ritual.

I will post a link to their non profit website in the comments along with a video I filmed of her speaking to us. I will most the video I filmed in a new thread, too. She is an AMAZING warrior.

Please feel free to share.

Visit the Gerson Website:

Here is some video I took of Charlotte speaking to us at the Gerson Institute in San Diego. They were celebrating her 90th Birthday and it doubled as a house warming party for the institutes new location.

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