Should I STOP Posting Uncomfortable Questions?

Step aside and GET OUT OF OUR WAY =) Here is why…

Conversation is the foundation to having any kind of relationship or connection with other human beings.

To have a conversation with opposing ideas is the bedrock of problem solving that everyone can benefit from.

On FACEBOOK Most people have gotten a LOT of value in the conversations that brew in my question posts from all those different ideas being shared. Some of you have evolved my position on many important issues. How cool is that? =)

A minority few have made it a point to let me know I should not be posting these kind of questions and accuse me of being authoritarian and other nonsense.

If we can’t help each other along with different ideas then multi national business interests win and we lose.

If you need to build a box for others to live inside of, for people like me to be prisoner to, then get the fuck out of our way and let the rest of us have our conversations so we can figure stuff out together =)

Either join us in our differences and our similarities or step aside and get out of our way.

I’m tired of being number 1 only in prison population and infant mortality.

We haven’t lead the world in anything good in over 30 years and counting.

REAL INTELLIGENCE is being able to look at opposing ideas of any issue and retain the ability to function and think critically.

If you’re only happy with what you agree with, with what you already know (or think you know), and whatever presently makes you comfortable then seriously keep to your self, get out of everyone elses way, and step aside so the rest of us can freely agree to disagree and help each other figure stuff out in the process without YOU getting in our way anymore.

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