Should your Company be Forced to Pay you for Time Spent Traveling to and From Work?

I pose this question once and a while on my timeline and always attracts lots of cool engagement.

I’m going to give an intellectually honest answer for the first time.

Good or BAD idea for the United States to copy?

A European court has ruled that that time spent traveling to and from work should count as actual work, with companies paying employees for their time accordingly.

It’s a TERRIBLE idea because it will make you Poorer than you already are and here is why..

Any cost incurred is passed on to consumers with higher priced goods and services, it’s passed on to wage and salary slaves with less wages and higher taxes in proportion to the wages, and it sends more jobs over seas where they don’t have protections for their workers like we have in the USA.

As a wage slave you already pay for the company or corporate environment you work in and you already have trouble making your own ends meet.

Add this new cost to be subtracted from your wage slave paycheck while also being asked to pay higher costs and taxes for goods and services it can only send more people from the middle to the poor house and more poor people into welfare making our country even less sustainable than it already is.

The middle and the poor routinely favor ideas that keep them poor or make them even poorer because they were never taught a balance sheet or a financial education in our public school system.

Keeping you from a financial education in our public schools is done on purpose to keep you easily controlled and manipulated through money dependency.

The international Banking Community took over the school board of education in 1903 and have been setting the curriculum to keep financial education away from you ever since because they NEED Unquestionable Obedient workers to control and Manipulate.

They are NEEDY to keep you obedient and rooting for bad ideas that only hurt you as proven by the decline of our living standards year after year.

In 2015 the ailing middle class became the minority after several generations of thriving as a majority.

The poor is the new Majority and it’s not to be self absorbed prideful of as SOME of the poor plainly communicate.

The middle did that to themselves with the easy help of the international banking community and in the process the middle has crafted their art of shunting personal responsibly on to government and big business.

How well has that worked for the middle?

They effed themselves over before government or big business ever could and big business was happy to help.

I hate leaving things in a mess.


Take personal responsibility, Learn, and DO Passive income.

Big business and government is not going to help you. Their goal is to keep you Obedient to Bad ideas so they can have more while you have less.

Ask yourself these questions if you’re still in doubt..

Is there any intellectual honesty or moral clarity in shunting the responsibility for your wellness onto entities who only want to control and manipulate you through money dependency?

If you’re waiting for a solution and help from entities who only want your unquestionable obedience to control and manipulate so they can have more while you have less do you honestly believe solutions are going to come to you from these sources???

Are solutions to what pains you going to come from entities that profit by managing your poverty and sickness?????

The argument most people make is government and big business needs to stop being greedy and start being more helpful.

It’s mentally LAZY not to take an honest genuine look in a mirror and ask the same of yourself.

Government and big business is not coming for you.

They follow money.

You spend your money and time in ways that hurts you and they are just giving you more of what you Vote for Daily with your money.

Do you want to change government and Big Business AND your own situation at the same time?

Change how you spend your money.

They are not in business with the end goal of hurting you.

They are in business with the end goal of making money and that is a GOOD THING because money is the one variable in all of this that is the ultimate equalizer.

Money has no consciousness therefor no agenda or prejudices for or against anyone.

Part of your Obedience Training is to have a negative attachment toward money and it worked because most of you have negative attachments about money which makes it EASY for big business to control and manipulate you with it.

Annihilate your negative attachment toward energy..

Realize the problem and the solution is people NOT money.

Get GENUINELY and morally HONESTLY EXCITED about making TONS more money than you are now and Spending it Differently than you have been.

Government and Big Business will follow you because you’ve FINALLY demanded it in the ONLY Place that your demands can be supplied for.  Money!

If you’re IN LOVE with ridding our country of industries that profit from managing sickness and poverty Please share this and pass it along.

These are ideas Worth going Viral even more so than the cute kitten posts that affect nothing while a billion people in the world are Starving to death.

Tom 🙂

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