The payoff to being sick

The truth is, some people don’t want to heal because they are getting a pay off being sick – Dr. Bernie Siegel

Jennifer Sierzant Naturopath wrote the following based on the Dr. Bernie Siegel quote and I think she is spot on. Drop your comments below I’d love to hear your input too.

“This is one of the hardest truth some sick people cannot comprehend. The second you tell somebody who’s sick that just maybe they don’t want to get better, they lose their minds!

I’ve worked in private practice for close to 9 years now and I can’t count how many patients I’ve seen who just refuse to alter the lifestyles to work on healing. I’ve had people with the most severe chronic diseases who refuse to quit smoking, refuse to change their diet, refuse to leave horrible life situations and who just downright refuse to believe that they’re doing anything to contribute to their diseases. One client told me his MD told him smoking was healthy. This is how deep his denial was.

They come to me or to medical doctors hoping for the magic pill. The magic pill excludes them from their responsibility that just maybe they are the co-creators to their disease.

Then you get those opposed to this way of thinking that say “well what about people with cancer. They didn’t ask for cancer”. Well in some cases, people who smoke or drink excessively or just abuse their bodies, yes they have manifested cancer in their body. And some of these people refuse to quit smoking, refuse to change their diet or refuse to change the environment. So does that mean they don’t want to heal? Sure they want to heal they just don’t want to do the work to get there.

Like Dr. Bernie Siegel says “you can have the cure for cancer in your hand and some people won’t show up to get the treatment. Why because they’re getting a pay off to being sick. What’s the pay off? It could be attention, it could be that they don’t have to participate in the world, it could be they don’t want to go back to a job, it could be they don’t want their partners to leave them, there’s all kinds of reasons why people get a payoff from being sick”

I’ve had Crohn’s disease clients who have been ravaged by the disease who can barely function but when I discuss about changing their diet they become violently adamant against it. They declare “my diet has nothing to do with healing” Those people just cannot be helped. You can’t heal a person who refuses to shift.

You know why mainstream medicine is so popular and why pharmaceutical companies are so wealthy? Because everybody wants the magic pill and rarely do people want wants to work for their health. This is why natural healing is often debunked. Believe me you don’t need science to understand the common sense of, if you eat clean, if you think clean and if you live clean you’re going to be healthier.

This is the least popular truth among those with chronic disease. I know because it used to be mine also.” – Jennifer Sierzant Naturopath


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