The Poor and the Humble

I grow Healthy Rich People.  That’s pretty awesome!  But it’s the poor and the humble that I really enjoy helping the most.  They are more hungry for change and growth than the comfortable. And it’s really warming and inspiring to watch someone grow their self confidence with one action at a time and over all success in their lives from very challenging scenarios. The poor and humble will express more gratitude than the comfortable and when they change, grow, live, they will give back more than the comfortable because to be totally comfortable is to also be selfish. In a world where over a billion people are starving to death there is no worthy scenario to cease changing and growing.  The poor and the humble is where it’s at!

The poor and humble are more likely to give back more as they create wealth for themselves.  They remember where they came from so they have a tendency to pay their success forward as they achieve their own success.  Remembering where they came from fills them with more gratitude than the comfortable.  There is not much else that turns me off more than a person with good fortune who has no gratitude.  A person who has triumphed over intense challenges is more likely to be extremely grateful.  I actually take at least a minute of time out every day to consciously be grateful for my good fortune.   It’s really important to me to do that.

Triumph over struggles is inspiring!  The bigger the struggle the bigger the triumph the bigger the inspiration for people who need that hope while they go through their own struggles!  The comfortable are too busy being lulled into a state of complacency, perhaps from their job because it’s a paycheck, that they are not doing anything to inspire anybody.

I’m not saying the comfortable are bad people.  They are just in waiting, consciously or more likely sub consciously, for an experience that turns everything on for them.  We all have a trigger that turns on desire.  It just takes the right experience to trigger that desire that turns everything on.  That experience is different for everyone so who knows what that experience will be from person to person!  Welcome ALL experiences including the bad ones because you never know which experiences is going to be the one that turns everything on!   Call it a life changing day because you took down the walls that keeps out both happiness and sadness.

For me one of those experiences was in April of 2006 when my job was off shored to India at no fault of my own.  Up til that point I was lulled into total complacency along with most others who lose their hunger because they have a job that pays the bills.  I wasn’t doing anything to grow to the “next level”.  My entire income was that one income that I didn’t even own so when that one income I had that I didn’t even own was taken away from me along with all my health insurance I had nothing.  It created a very negative devastating emotion that lead to a very POWERFUL positive outcome.  I became the poor, the humble, and the uncomfortable. My comfort was taken away from me!   THANK GOD FOR THAT!  That lead to my FINALLY owning my own life, my income, my destiny, creating wealth for myself, health, GRATITUDE, and everything else that makes me who I am today.  And tomorrow I will keep growing because I know first hand the folly of getting too comfortable.  There is always another level to grow to and we must always keep going.  Live full and die empty right?  YES!

Here is something that the poor and humble are not!   The poor and humble are not certain members of our society who take free money from the government with no ambition to ever become independent of help from the government.  The person who does that is the poor and the entitlement driven stealing from the rest of us.  We are not paying our public school teachers decent wages.  Sometimes our soldiers fighting for us over seas die because we cannot afford to give them the proper body armor.  Some of our kids have died from preventable illnesses because we could not get them the health insurance they needed.  Over 80% of our total population, including our kids for the first time in our history, are dying from obesity and life style choice related problems.  All of this is going on while we have a number of both poor and rich people taking from everyone else with no ambition to become independent of government help.  Some people actually boast about how they “play the system”.    Those are the cowards taking money from the dying child because we cannot afford that child health insurance and the dead soldier who should have lived if only he had the proper body armor which we could not afford for him.

The poor and humble accepts the government help but they feel very uncomfortable to do so.  They let the government help buy them more time while they work hard to become independent from government help.  Some of the poor and humble who go on to create lots of wealth for themselves will write a check to the IRS for every dollar they received from the government while they struggled financially.  They pay the government back!!  That is inspiring!!!!  Who does that?!?!   The MOST HUMBLE people do that.


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