The Stupid side of Smart People

– By Tom Birkenmeyer (I’m one of the Stupid Ones)


The stupid side of smart people is MONEY.

Otherwise smart people are stupid with money because they know dick about taxes, income, or how to de-couple how they spend their time from their ability to make money.

It’s not the lack of knowledge of money that makes people stupid it’s their unwillingness to learn while making statements to position themselves as a money expert all while living a life of a human slave to money.

The fake morally altruistic people about money are the worst!! They let the criminals of the world get all of the money supply to pollute the world while the so called morally altruistic people let it happen as they do NOTHING to contribute to putting money to work to heal the world.

Here is how you know if you are a smart person with a stupid side of money…

Are you leveraging debt and taxes for Passive and Residual income? Are you doing ANYTHING for passive and residual income? If you answered no to either or both of those questions then you’re a smart person with a stupid side of money.

Here is how you know if you are ever going to be smart with money…

Here is how you know if you are guaranteeing a future and present of stealing from yourself and from your family before anyone else ever could…

If you answered “no” to the above questions are you still going to make statements about what you think you know about money, debt, or taxes? Are you going to say no to opportunity to LEARN from people smarter than you about money (specifically how to decouple your time from money and leveraging debt and taxes)? If you find someone willing to show you how to become money smart are you going to interject with what you think you know about money? If you answered yes to these questions you won’t find anyone to show you anyway because money smart people got where they are by knowing where to put their effort and where NOT to put their effort. Become someone worth their effort to help you become money smart.

As a student myself I’m always focused on being worth while for a truly smart person to see me as worthy for them to put their time, energy, and effort into.

What keeps a person back from being a good student?


An out of balance ego takes offense, feels insult, has lots of opinions and interjections that has to be heard, and not open to correction and continuous re-correction.

An out of balance ego will find a teacher to be the blind leading the blind.

A balanced Ego checked with the right amount of humility loves thyself while simultaneously corrects and re-corrects to attract a teacher who can truly help.

Last but not least here is why job income or ANY income that is not passive or residual is income for dummies written by Steve Pavlina…

“Income for dummies.

Getting a job and trading your time for money may seem like a good idea. There’s only one problem with it. It’s stupid! It’s the stupidest way you can possibly generate income! This is truly income for dummies.

Why is getting a job for the income it offers so dumb?

Because you only get paid when you’re working. Don’t you see a problem with that, or have you been so thoroughly brainwashed into thinking it’s reasonable and intelligent to only earn income when you’re working? Have you never considered that it might be better to be paid even when you’re not working? Who taught you that you could only earn income while working? Some other brainwashed employee perhaps?

Don’t you think your life would be much easier if you got paid while you were eating, sleeping, and playing with the kids too? Why not get paid 24/7? Get paid whether you work or not. Don’t your plants grow even when you aren’t tending to them? Why not your bank account?

Who cares how many hours you work?

Only a handful of people on this entire planet care how much time you spend at the office. Most of us won’t even notice whether you work 6 hours a week or 60. But if you have something of value to provide that matters to us, a number of us will be happy to pull out our wallets and pay you for it. We don’t care about your time — we only care enough to pay for the value we receive. Do you really care how long it took me to write this article? Would you pay me twice as much if it took me 6 hours vs. only 3 or only 1?

Non-dummies often start out on the traditional income for dummies path. So don’t feel bad if you’re just now realizing you’ve been suckered. Non-dummies eventually realize that trading time for money is indeed extremely dumb and that there must be a better way. And of course there is a better way. The key is to de-couple your value from your time.

Smart people build systems that generate income 24/7, especially passive income. Once it’s in motion, it runs continuously whether you tend to it or not. From that moment on, the bulk of your time can be invested in increasing your income (by refining your system or spawning new ones) instead of merely maintaining your income.

Once you get going, you won’t have to work so many hours to support yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to be out having dinner with your spouse, knowing that while you’re eating, you’re earning money? If you want to keep working long hours because you enjoy it, go right ahead. If you want to sit around doing nothing, feel free. As long as your system continues delivering value to others, you’ll keep getting paid whether you’re working or not.

Nobody is born knowing how to start a business or generate investment income, but you can easily learn it. How long it takes you to figure it out is irrelevant because the time is going to pass anyway. You might as well emerge at some future point as the owner of income-generating systems as opposed to a lifelong wage slave. This isn’t all or nothing. If your system only generates a few hundred dollars a month, that’s a significant step in the right direction.”

IF you’re interested in seeing what I started in August of 2007 for passive and residual money inside of NATURAL HEALTH AND NATURAL HEALING feel free to ask me for a blog I typed or a video I made.

Whether it’s my thing or someone elses thing I don’t care GET INTO BEING SMARTER WITH HOW YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY!

You were not designed as a human being to making a hamster wheel paycheck. You’re not a hamster! You’re a person! Act Like it!!!

With love =)

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Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could benefit from this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family.

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