There is More Money Available Than There Are Opportunities

National-Debt-Equals-SlaveryTruth Serum: There is so much more money being printed and in circulation than there are opportunities to solve money problems for every person in the united states. So why are most people broke if there is more than enough money being printed for EVERYONE?  Here me out..

In 1971 the government took the dollar off of the gold standard so they could print more to meet the demands of an ever growing entitlement driven society. Today they print a fiat currency backed by absolutely nothing, artificially propping up our economy with the value of the dollar, faster than you could ever save it which is why the savings accounts pay you back very low interest while using DEBT to make money has become financially sound.

looting and Growing entitlements are behind the dramatic de value of the dollar which has made it more difficult for you to support yourself and your family.  One of the best ways you can serve your country, as well as support your family, is to get your hands on as much of this artificially propped up money as you can and produce something with it.

california-constitutional-law-attorneyProduction creates money and raises the value of that money while people who take and produce nothing devalue money and dishonor people who work hard and produce.  If enough people learn about money and go to work to produce something we can restore the value of the dollar as well as the stability of our nation which is good for everyone.

The ONLY reason so many in the USA are struggling financially is the average person is financially illiterate and constantly transfers any new money they make to people financially smarter than them, and even worse, most who claim to know something about money know absolutely nothing about money and seal their fate with their beliefs and relationship with money.

debtIf you have problems or stress stemming from Money Draw a Line in the sand. It’s a learning process, you can do it, there are people like me Rooting for you because I know you can do it. You’ve learned to do everything that you know how to do today. You’ve already proven you can learn a new skill time and time again.  You are more capable than you realize or give yourself credit for. Instead of looking at how far you have to go look at how far you’ve come and build on THAT.

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– Tom

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