Thieves on the streets are after your wallet while you’re still feeding the thief in your mind after your dreams

Your internal thief finds nourishment while you rationalize why you don’t have what you want until your free will is broken.

It’s an art of ripping yourself off before the outside thieves could.

Who is in charge of feeding this terrible Internal thief?

Who can stop the feeding?


I have some BIG plans to help more people who are DONE feeding their Internal thief.

I HEART people who have the courage to be themselves, to laugh, and to make LOTS of money Spreading Health and Wealth Instead of Sickness and Poverty.

Broke, Poor, Sick, Broken, Depressed, Shackled, Lazy, Dumb, Misfit, Different, Awkward, Shy…

Middle, rich, healthy, happy, smart, outgoing, extrovert…

I don’t care what your Personality Type is or what you Struggle with WE WILL FIGURE IT OUT Together if you like that kinda thing.

I am going to help more people become Healthy Rich people.

The woman I was dating in 2007 got involved in a home business and invited me to start my own home business.

After only 2 short years of working it in a few minutes a day I fired my boss, bought my house in cash so I have no mortgage and no rent, and began LIVING a lifestyle of my choice.

I documented EVERYTHING I did to achieve this so I could teach it to YOU who want to Emerge at some point in the future Living a lifestyle of your choosing.

Connect with me privately if you have a SINCERE interest.

To be Rich is to create experiences.

To be Poor is to worry about where the money or free time is going to come from.

The true rich are rich because they are covered financially so they can create rich experiences.

I’m excited to hear from you who are sincerely interested.


P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

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