Time for a Divorce and a New Marriage in the Same Day

DSC04384 copyIt’s time to DIVORCE yourself from Being Only a fan and admirer with the rest of the herd.

I don’t Get Off on fans and admirers. I Get Off on Inspiring you to get over yourself to become BOLD Action Doers making your own personal Breakthroughs ‘n bad a$$ stuff like that =)

I don’t wanna hear how great you think my messages are while you’re still taking zero action and still broke, fat, sick, and unhappy not even on the Search for answers but just bein a Fan and Admirer.

That’s not what I’m looking for!

In fact I think that’s extremely disrespectful to whom you admire WHOEVER that person is!

The Messages I get that I LOVE MOST are the ones that thank me for Inspiring them to get over their fears of whatever which lead them to taking Big Action through lots of Struggles and set backs NEVER GIVING UP and now these wonderful things are happening through it all.


THAT’S what I get off on =)

Don’t beat yourself up over being only a fan and admire. We all have those inactive phases that we screw ourselves over in. I’ve done it so I’m not pointing any fingers!

I’m making this post so you can bring this SERIOUS PROBLEM you have into the front of your mind so you can draw a line in the sand and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE for yourself about it.

I can’t wait to see who blocks me over this one..LoL I Cant wait to see who gets all INSPIRED to do cool sh*t over this one =)

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I’m talking to the STRONG person in you NOT the wimp in you.  My hope is YOU decide to let the strong person in you receive this message not the wimp in you.  The wimp in you will get upset, defensive, and start rationalizing why you’re not happy.  The strong person in you will grow and make you BETTER than you already area in every way you wanna be better and happier.

– Tom

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