Job Benefits and Perks are Part of Your Obedience Training

pyramids are stupid fire your bossPaid Vacation? Health Insurance Coverage? Perks & Benefits? You are the one paying for it all under the guise of perks and benefits as part of your obedience training.
Your real paycheck would be more than TRIPLE what it is now if all of these Lies were truly paid for by your employer.
Did you know most of the taxes you pay are disguised from you to be paid by your employer and less than half shows on your check stub? You actually lose up to 60% of your pay to taxes while only about 33% is being shown to you. At the end of the day you only see a small fraction of your true pay while you struggled. You’ll NEVER see the majority of your real pay. It goes straight into other peoples pockets disguised under a Lie.
Having a job to pay your bills is the best way to be lied to and ripped off.
So why isn’t the government and our School system honest with you about money and your job? In 1903 John D. Rockefeller took over the general education board. Since then to this day the major Banks control what is taught in our public education system.
They need OBEDIENT workers to control through the dependency of money.
You will NEVER be taught the truth about money or what it means to be dependent on a Job to afford your living in our public school system. This knowledge is reserved for Free thinking people who are not interested in Obedience School or ANY Human Domestication Program.
Most people will defend having their job to pay their bills as Intelligent, safe, secure, stable for their family. Most people play right into the already deep pockets of the ultra rich who control their mind through the dependency of money. Obedience school and human domestication is highly effective on the Mind Numbed Masses.
However, there is hope!
There are more people than EVER in our history looking for a better way. Their are more people open to the idea of residual and passive money which does not exist at a job. There are more people waking up and realizing they’ve been lied to about money and what it means to stake their security on a job.
These are people of my Tribe.
There are more people waking up to the realization that having a job out of neediness to pay bills is the single DUMBEST and most self destructive way to “live”.
I had this realization 10 years ago. I’ve been building residual and passive money since 9 years ago. I’ve been FREE from the ultimate pyramid scheme, otherwise known is being needy for a job, for 6 years now. IM PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE OF MY TRIBE TO BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE.
Here is what I’ve been up to since august of 2007 and set me free from needing any more obedience school training in 2010:
Find something residual for yourself! If you dig my thing ask me about it. Or go find something else. Stop being an Obedient worker and start being a Free thinking Worker.
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– Tom

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