To be Triggered or not to be Triggered..

There is always that 1 person Deeply offended by my posts.

To that one or two deeply triggered people trolling me:

I’m sorry to see you so deeply triggered.

I’m not microaggressing you so i’m puzzled at why you’re so triggered.

If you need a safe space I don’t judge..

I just want you to know that I don’t want you to feel like I need your captive attention.

You’re free to ignore my crazy posts about money and surround yourself with people you agree with.

If my posts about Money, jobs, Freedom, Wage Slaves upsets you (the posts I make that triggers you so badly) I have much more coming in perpetuity just a fair warning to you.

The wonderful thing about being unreserved WITHOUT attacking people is when someone is magnetized to me and my ideas it’s organic and natural from them to me and from me to them.

If I become someone I’m not to protect you from feeling uncomfortable around me then anyone I attract to me will be attracted to a disingenuous facade and that would make my heart feel empty.

I like being around people with different opinions and ideas.

For me personally I have to bow out when one of these two things happens:

1.) The person I’m talking with crosses the line from attacking ideas they disagree with to attacking the person of whom they disagree with.

2.) The person I’m talking with confidently subscribes to false facts with zero openness to the possibility they could be wrong. I.e. 2+2=5 is not an opinion we get to have because it’s wrong and that’s when I stop talking with you to put my energy with someone else.

One last thing..

Thank you for giving me something else to blog about. This post is more for people of my “tribe” than my haters. It’s for my tribe because it feels good to come together around similar philosophies that we can high five each other about.

Let’s have some FUN =)


P.S. Whether you love your job or hate your job your freedom comes when you no longer need your job to take care of you and your family any longer and that only happens when you build an asset you own that produces passive and residual money that exceeds all of your expenses. And to do that you need to be hungry to LEARN because nobody knows how to do any of that! Do you LOVE learning? You’re welcome =)

P.P.S. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

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