Wealth Taxes

I LOVE the new wealth tax proposal made by a particular senator who says NO to all corporate pac and lobbyists money 🙂

I’m a big fan of making as much money as humanly possible. I’m not against profits and business thriving. 🙂

I also love my country and I believe in our Constitution that has checks and balances in everything especially money and power.

The Proposal Senator Elizabeth Warren made is to tax wealth accumulation of anything over 50 million dollars at 2% + wealth accumulation of anything over 1 billion dollars at 3%.

Over the course of 10 years this would give us a couple trillion dollars back to make a huge dent on income inequality.

Naturally the corporate Pacs that legally bribe politicians are dead against this so the lies and retaliation have begun.

The primary lie being told is that it will disincentivize wealth accumulation. There is nobody on planet Earth that will say they are not going to make their second billion dollars because they don’t want it taxed at 3%. What it will do is incentivize business reinvestments so they never qualify to have to pay those taxes anyway and then everyone benefits from that.

The same is true with a proposal of a top marginal 70% tax rate on income made over 10 million dollars per year.

The same is true when we had a top marginal tax rate of 94% when America was economically great. Why don’t we bring that tax policy forward in making America great again??????????????????????

When we have checks against too much money and power the people who are making that kind of money end up reinvesting it back into their businesses so they never have to pay those High tax rates and everyone benefits. That’s how you make America economically great again.

Under legally bribed politicians, like President Pinocchio, the incentive our current system provides is to save and hoard your money and other assets because there is no significant tax consequence for it.

High top marginal tax rates and wealth tax moves us closer to creating an equal opportunity for everyone without an equal outcome. This means that if you want to you will have opportunity to be as rich as you want to be if you are willing to work hard and learn how to work smart.

How great would it be if companies do well because average people have more money to buy their stuff versus them artificially propping up their companies by buying back their own stocks?

I personally think it’s completely stupid to have a job to pay bills anyway but that is me and I do not believe people with a different belief should be made to be a Working Poor person. The fact we have a Working Poor class is disgusting and means we have a failed system that needs to be revolutionized.

Having said all of that you are free to create opportunity for yourself. You’re not going to get an equal opportunity from our government so if you want it you have to create opportunity for yourself. That’s what I did and I no longer need a job to pay bills thank goodness. A long time ago I stopped depending on the system to give me a fair chance. I took matters into my own hands and I created my own opportunity.

You do not need to wait on the system to fix itself in order for you to get ahead and achieve your dreams. If you want to see what I did I’m happy to show you a Blog I wrote about it.


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