What do they REALLY mean when they say they support our Military?

When they say, “We support our military” what they really mean is they support their Donors at the Expense of the men and women who actually serve.

They don’t support our men and women fighting and dying in our military.

Our elected leaders sold them all out because they are there to serve their private weapons contractors at the expense of our soldiers and sailors.

We write blank checks for anything their donors want. If it’s something for the people then they ask, “but how are we going to pay for that?”

Pick ANY issue.. Health care, PhRMA, Guns, Social Safety nets of any kind, college, our infrastructure, green tech revolution, a new NEW deal… How are we going to pay for anything that helps the people?? When it comes to their Donor friends who Legally BRIBE them then it’s blank checks the question never comes up about how it will be paid for. We know how blank checks will be paid for. YOU will pay for it so they can have more while you have less.

We need to get ALL private money OUT of politics.

Corruption is so deep through legal bribery that we sacrifice our people who serve in the military so the Private military industrial complex can make more money at the expense of you. We do this with health care, our prison system, social safety nets, our infrastructure, you name it.

This mid term election cycle there are 51 people, so far, who are running for various house and senate seats who openly REJECT all legalized bribe money.

It’s on us now to show up and vote for them.

There is no longer any reason to stay home or to vote for the lesser of two evils because NOW we have people we can for FOR instead of against.

Google search OPEN SECRETS MONEY IN POLITICS find out who is on the take and who is not and vote for the 51+ people who openly rejects ALL legal bribe money.

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