Why Most People Never Make a Breakthrough and Stay Stuck

Blurred out faceI’ve been running this Closed Group on Facebook that I’ve seen more people experience MAJOR Breakthroughs in their lives than in anything else I’ve ever put together before. It’s called, “30 Days to Profit”.

Someone bails out of the group in the midst of all these others creating BIG breakthroughs saying he believes his gender is causing people not to trust him as much as the opposite gender, so therefore he believes he cannot succeed because he is not a female.

His note sums up why people never make a Breakthrough.  This blog is entirely free and I’m giving you your moneys worth so read carefully, without taking any offense, but to BREAK a mindset that has kept you back from creating your own Major Breakthroughs.

Pick the excuse you use, any excuse, every excuse is a well planned lie you use to protect your ego from getting hurt because you falsely identify your excuse as the reason when in reality you place protecting your ego higher than positively impacting people.

Ever wonder why most people still fail to make their own Breakthrough? Most people have a lot of excuses.  Some people give up their excuses for results. Wanna let your PAST be your GAIN from here on out? Where are YOU making excuses? Where can you draw a line in the sand? In my Profit Training Sequence I have people retiring themselves from the job racket, restoring relationships,  building up their confidence, inspiring others who feel trapped, and the list of successes over hardships gos on and on un-ending. The way one does one thing is the way one does most things.  But for people who are drawing a line in the sand this has been the thing to help them create MASSIVE breakthroughs in their lives.

When most people are squeezed they quit and offer up excuses to protect how they feel; their ego. Deep down inside they know they quit and that their excuse in reality only serves a failed attempt to protect the ego.

Don’t do what most people continue doing.  Buck the trends of excuse making and ego protection.  They go hand in hand. Success is not selfish.  It’s your excuses you’ve used that has kept you from inspiring people that you’re suppose to inspire in a selfish effort to protect yourself.  Your Ego will feel BETTER when you’re INSPIRING people.

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– Tom

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