Wild and Free or Chained and Shackled?

So many people brag about how Wild and Free they are while having to go report to their job and gatekeeper over how they spend their time.

Yeah you’re real wild and free.

That’s one of the biggest nuisances (and lies people tell themselves) I ever see in our, you know, our new age thinking people.

I love new age thinking but most people don’t live up to it because the idea is I’m wild and Free, I think differently, I’m open but oh I’m so wild and free I have to go to my job or I don’t get paid and I starve.

Yeah you’re real wild and free aren’t you?

It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s not even logically intellectually honest at all.

Ya wanna be wild and free beyond a cute new verbal trend?


Put the guarantee into yourself and get involved in something that has a residual and passive compensation plan so you can de-couple your time, because, if your time is coupled to your money I hate to break it to ya you’re not wild and free you’re just another sucker shackled to the dollar like everybody else whose time is coupled to their money so ya gotta de-couple the two or you’re not free.

I love you,


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follow your heart

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