Dad your final services are today with full military honors – You once said “It’s Sink or Swim”

“It’s Sink or Swim” My dad said just a couple days before he became immortalized as an angel. As it turns out he didn’t sink or swim. His body sunk but my dad floated up into Heaven where ever and whatever that is. I imagine it has to be blissful because my dad is there and I cannot wait to be with him again when I’m suppose to.

Today is the one and only day We are going to gather with family and friends around the body my dad occupied for 74 years. He will be in his navy uniform just as he wanted. Senior Chief Birkenmeyer, my dad, will be getting full military honors for an entire career he served so proudly for a country he loves so much and worked so faithfully hard for myself, my mom, and my little brother to have wonderful lives.

Dad, you’d be so proud of mom and Jason. They are sad but they are doing so good. Honestly I think I’m the one taking it the hardest. I’m really struggling Dad. Ya know, the “strong one”. Not so much right now. This has broken me but I will process this and I promise to be ok and put back together again. This morning I actually feel better than I have since you passed away. I hope this is the beginning of my healing. However, I have no idea how I will respond later today when I see the body I’ve been so familiar with for my entire 40 years of life, so far, that I’ve always known as “Dad”. But dad, I know that it’s not just your visual body I’m so familiar with. For 40 years I’ve experienced your love, support, anger, frustrations, your puns, your jokes, your whole multi faceted personality and even still I bet there are parts of your personality that I never got to know. There are so many memories I have that have helped to grow me into who I am and who I will continue to become, dad. You and mom have ALWAYS influenced me more than anyone else on planet earth. Now you influence me by memories rather than new experiences. But new experiences from here on out will still be created with the influence you had and will ALWAYS have on me. Dad I hope you can read these messages. I hope you can hear me when I talk to you. Because I want you to know you are loved and missed and I want what we are doing to fill you with overwhelming joy because you deserve it for eternity where ever you are.

I love you Dad.

The very last thing I said to you just approximately four and a half hours before you passed on was, “I’m going to go home now and help mom make some phone calls to hire home health care and get everything ready so we can be prepared to have you come home as soon as we can so I’ll see you again shortly ok?” to which you nodded yes and gave me a quick wave as you labored so hard to breath with your bipap machine on forcing air into your tired lungs. I did come back with mom about four hours later because we had a meeting with the hospice social workers and nurses to talk about how we were going to bring you back home. I peaked into your room because we were a few minutes early and if you were sleeping I did not want to wake you. You were sound asleep with your bipap mask on. I looked on you for three or four seconds consoling myself that you were sound asleep. It was wonderful to see you sleeping so peacefully. It had not even occurred to me that maybe you were no longer there at that moment. You just looked alive and peacefully sleeping for a really nice change so I went back over to mom and told her you were snoozing hard let’s not wake you until the hospice people showed up so we could all talk together about your discharge. Your bipap machine made it look like you were breathing, and maybe you still were, we do not know for sure. It was about 25 minutes after I checked in on you the hospice social workers and nurse arrived. It was time to go into your room and wake you up so we could discuss bringing you back home on hospice care.

The nurses were right in front of me. We basically walked in together and I discovered you with them. Dad I froze when I saw you because it looked like you were gone. I did not like the position your body was in all slouched to the side in a very uncomfortable position and with your breathing mask off which you cannot get air into your lungs without. I didnt know if possibly that just happened seconds before we walked in or maybe just after I checked in on you about 25 minutes earlier when you were sitting upright in your chair appearing to be getting much needed sound sleep. I didnt like the color on your face. Everything was scary. Neither mom or jason saw you like that it was just me and the nurses. Mom was in the hospital wheel chair behind the curtain where she couldnt see you. I looked back at her, she looked at me, I said, “wait mom”… Knowing she was confused, maybe even scarred, I didnt know what to say while the nurses were working on waking my dad up. He has do not resuscitate orders. I shouted softly, “Does he have a pulse?” They told me you were still breathing dad. They closed the door for a few minutes. Different nurses were coming and going. They told us they were going to transfer you from the chair to the bed and just needed a few minutes to do that and then we could see you. They even went to get that big machine that transfers people. They knew you were gone but they needed a Dr. to pronounce you to be gone. I understand why they did what they did. They don’t know how we were going to respond right then and there discovering you like that. They didnt know if we would get in the way of what they were doing, if we would become violent towards ourselves, others around us, if we’d start destroying property, smashing medical equipment in a rage… Who knows. So I completely understand why they were lying to us. Jason actually showed up while the charade was going on asking “so what are we talking about guys?” He was in a happy mood to be there visiting his dad, dad. At that point I believed the nurse who told me that you were still breathing and that they were transferring you from the chair into the hospital bed even though I thought you were dead when I first saw you upon walking into your room with the nurses. So I let jason know they were transferring you and wed be let in in a few minutes. He went to use the bathroom I think while we waited. Mom was talking to the social worker who was waiting with us outside of your room about how you cannot breath laying in bed. We were both questioning how this was going to work trying to transfer you from your chair into the hospital bed. She assured us they’d find a “sweet spot” for you in the bed. She was really nice to be honest. Again I completely understand why they did what they did. The social worker waiting with us I believe did not know that you were gone because she had not seen you up to that point and the nurses in your room were working hard in your room. Well dad, one of the nurses came out from behind the curtain and told me, “he has no pulse”. She was pleasant about it. Extremely nice in the most delicate set of circumstances with the most delicate of news to give to someone. I said, “you said he was breathing?” in a soft voice. She said, “it was his machine breathing”. I looked down to mom in the hospital wheel chair and we began crying and holding each other. The nurse asked us if wed like to come in for a moment with you dad and we could take as much time as we needed with you. I went in with mom. Jason was still in the bathroom. We saw your newly vacated body dad. I’ve never seen a dead body before you dad except after it’s all made up for viewing in a funeral home. I will see your former body in the funeral home later today. It’s been five days now since you passed on. The nurses had your body reclined. I havent seen you recline like that in probably at least over 10 or 12 years ago because you have not been able to breath for that long in a reclined position like that. The first that that struck me hard when I walked in to see your body with mom was how painfully obvious it was that you were no longer there inside your body. I don’t know how to explain it dad. Even in a funeral home a body is so clearly empty of a spirit or a soul. I’m sure you and anyone else that has ever seen an empty body knows exactly what I’m talking about. The words from the nurse that you had no pulse told us what had just happened but it’s when I saw your empty body that it hit me hard that you were really gone after all. I’ve never known life without you in your body, Dad. Anytime I ever saw you, sleeping or awake, I could see your soul and your spirit. To see your body without your soul or spirit for the first time ever in my 40 years of life, that was something I do not know how to put into words dad. There is a very heavy finality to it all. After being in there for maybe one minute with mom I remembered Jason was in the bathroom and I needed to go brace him for this because he was in a happy mood to be able to visit with you dad. I told mom I needed to find jason before he walked in on us so I could brace him and give him the news. Maybe 5 steps outside of your room dad I heard jason crying but couldnt see him yet so I just kept walking in the direction of his voice til I could see him then kept going to him. He had two really nice nurses at his side holding him up and comforting him. He was in denial at first but crying really hard. I went up to him without saying anything and just held him. He needed to sit down for a minute so I just sat there with him and held him and hugged him with the two nurses still there. I don’t even remember if I said anything to him at that point except that we could see your body dad, and that mom was already in there. We didnt sit long. Jason was ready to see your body. We walked in together to be with mom and to see your body dad. It was so painful to see that you were not there any more. How does someone get over that? We are on that journey of discovery right now. You’d be proud of Jason and I dad. You told me it would be nice if my brother and I got along more. Well, I was there for him just as I described. I told him I loved him. And ever since, we’ve gotten along great. We always had our moments and I’m sure we will have more moments in the future but dad you know I always loved Jason even when I frustrated the living day lights out of me. I could have been a better brother at certain times. I’m certainly going to be a better brother. I promise. Dad I always needed to do ANYTHING for you and mom. Not just for you and for mom but also for myself I emotionally needed to do anything you and mom ever wanted me to do. Jason, mom, and me have to move on without you being here the way that you’ve been here before your passing day oct 13th 2017. Now you’re here in a different way that I do not understand, that I’m unfamiliar with, that I may never understand til after I pass on too. Dad we only spent a few minutes with your body in your hospital room. You passed away in room 154 at aurora medical center here in Kenosha Wisconsin. Your last moment of life was in that room as you relaxed into passing away. I couldnt spend a long amount of time seeing your body like that. I placed my had on your arm. Your body was still warm. Mom noticed the same. I told you that I love you. I said thank you thank you thank you for adopting me I’m so glad you adopted me dad. I told you those things as I walked out of your room. If I remember correctly I think I also said I can’t wait to see you again soon. Dad you’d be so proud of us. The three of us accomplished so much that day. You passed away somewhere between maybe 1:30 and 2:20 I’m guessing. I peaked in on you at about 1:53 when I thought you were sleeping very sound. Looking back on it I think you were most likely gone or in the process of passing and I didn’t know it at the time. 19 out of 20 times I’ve ever peaked in on you sleeping no matter how quiet I was you would wake up and see me and wave. As I look back on that three or four seconds I looked in on you consoling myself you were sleeping sound for a nice change, you did not look up. You did not wave. You didnt move a muscle actually. The bipap machine was breathing for you. Dad I always thought that when you pass on it might be a very uncomfortable suffocation experience because of how your lungs are. You passed away while your lungs were getting forced air through the bipap and 10 liters of oxygen. I feel confident and VERY at peace with myself that you relaxed, got comfortable, and passed away as peaceful as can be. You deserved that after struggling to breath for well over a decade. Before we left the hospital I was going to ask your nurse if anyone saw you after I left you earlier that morning telling you i’d see you again shortly later that day. Before I had a chance to ask, your nurse volunteered that information to me. Your nurse told me she came to see how you were doing a couple hours before you passed, which would be a couple hours after I last saw you, and you were having a really hard time. She asked if you’d like another drop of morphine. You said yes. She gave you that morphine drop, put your bipap mask back on, and she said she saw you calm down and get comfortable again and that’s how she left you last. From there, well, I already told you what happened. Dad right after you passed away and we left your room we picked out a funeral parlor based on Debbies recommendation. We met with them later that evening. They are so nice. They are taking care of everything. It’s a turn key solution type of funeral parlor. They doing everything literally the only thing we have to do is answer some questions, bring your uniform you wanted to be laid out in, and today we are bringing some foam boards with lots of pictures. I think the coolest thing about how we handled ourselves, dad, is how we all kept ourselves together without fighting even when jason misplaced his phone, broke his car keys which lead us having to detour to a couple different places to take care of that in the midst of what was already going on etc… We helped and supported each other through it all and we still are. Jason, mom, and I are going to figure out the points system for jason running the poker league. That was you and jason dad. Jason did not put it on hold. Just one day after you passed away was the big tournament. He kept it going. He won! It took it all down. Oh wow that was such a wonderful boost for him, and for mom and I too because we want him to do well and jason so badly wants to make you proud. Oh wow did he make you proud dad, we all are making you proud. He had poker again last night. Dad you told him not to take a month off and that it had to keep going or it would not survive. Jason is doing it dad. Look at him go!!!! I do wish jason could have been with us last night. Mom and I had uncle joe, lisa, aunt sandy, aunt claudia, diana, aunt barbara, jonathan, jake, and lou anne over last night. Oh that was so wonderful. Jonathan, jake, and of course uncle joe just had non stop jokes and funny stories all night. It created an amazing environment to be in especially at a time like this. Dad I wish you could have been there because you love laughing and you are the best at going back and forth with anyone in any battle of witts and fast thinking humor. But dad, maybe you were there last night with us but just couldnt participate in the way that we are familiar with.

Dad I have to start thinking about getting ready for whats to come today. It’s a big day. I don’t know how I am going to be when I first see your body laid out. For all I know I could pass out, I could cry uncontrollably all day, I could cry just once at first and then be fine the rest of the day with random crying, I really don’t know..

The last thing I said to you was, “…so Ill see you again shortly ok?” to which you nodded and gave me a quick wave with your hand. I was thinking I’d see you again still living in your body later that day to talk about how we’d get you home. Well I’m saying it again dad. I’ll see you again shortly because in the context of time an average life span is pretty short. I will see you again shortly dad but instead of seeing you again shortly living in your body I will see you again shortly living in eternity in Heaven.



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Tam Gonzalez

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Kelly Driscoll

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Chatell Wallace

My mom passed in her sleep. Layed down for a nap, never woke. My little brother found her. I raced the 45 min drive to get there before the paramedics so I could see her before they took her out of bed, out of her home, forever. She was 53.
Never easy to see your parent like that.
Hugs to you !!!! ♡♡♡
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Tracy May

I Found My Mom In Her Bed Too We Had Not Spoken to Each Other 4 a Week WHY? Something Trivially Stupid Most Likely Saddening to Say the Least. She Was My Everything & I Failed Her Miserably By Not Being There By Her Side @ Her Moment of Passing. She Did Not Want to Be Alone. Such Guilt I Carry Still 15 Years Later So My Advice Is Never Stay Mad or Upset With Someone Especially Someone So Dear! My Father Was Not There 4 Me Growing Up But We Connected Somewhat Later In Life Just in Time to Be By His Side on His Death Bed. I Got to Whisper In His Ear I Forgive U & He Drew His Last Breath.
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Helen Worthley

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Helen Worthley

Hugs my friend, hope you are doing better?
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Victoria Delarosa Evangelista

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Anna Horton

One of the most broken I have ever been was when My dear father left me for heaven. I can feel you. It leaves a hole in your heart that will fill up w a love for heaven cause that is where your father is.
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Dee Poulson

Sending hugs & strength to you in this moment….can’t do anything else right now…just crying so hard…crying WITH you…your dad was an amazing man…GOD BLESS ALL of you right now and give you strength…love to you, dear……..
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Meara Sullivan

Im sorry you lost your dad Tom
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Kelly Taylor Rogers

Beyond beautiful….and yes, he hears and sees every bit of your love and support of each other. Love and Light to you and your precious family, my friend…I honor your path and send you Love. ?
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Glenda Jean Sherrod Deaton

Prayers for you and your family Tom.????
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Paulette Runkel

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Clarissa Winchester

Wow. I’m in tears with this beautiful memory of your dad’s last hours. Praying for your strength today…. ????????
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Jodi Paige

Stunning Tribute
Honorable ? Son
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Nancy Rosenblum McTighe

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Cynthia Morring

I am speechless great Tribute to your dad . Big huggs and prayers going to you and your family .
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Lisa Carbonara

Dearest Tom,
What a beautiful heartfelt heartwrenching tribute. It took me a few times to get through it through many tears. I felt like I was right there with you and your family and like I knew your dad personally.So much support and love sent to you. You are brave & strong and will continue to be.Much gratiude to your dad for serving our country.Lots of love to your family & prayers for strength and peace.

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Karen Wood

Hugs. You have wonderful memories to cherish. Your dad can hear you and knows everything you’ve written. The soul lives on outside of the human shell.
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Dreamlin Braun

We are energy we return to the massless, THE massless rises
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Deborah Walsh

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Donna Capodicasa

thank you for your post Tom, I will keep you and your family in prayer for healing. It’s so hard to lose our parents. I still miss mine very much. You express your thoughts and feelings wonderfully, again thank you for sharing your love for your dad with us. I feel honored.
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Kathy Sullivan

Tom, I feel with and for you on all fronts. I’ve been through this several times now with parents and in-laws, watching them leave the earthly sphere. You sharing your journey in and through words is part of the healing for you. I hope when you are with your Dad and all others today you do 2 things. 1) absolutely embrace the warm hugs from all others in attendance and 2) Listen to the stories about your Dad from others. It is likely you’ll learn more about the reasons you love him so much will come from the eyes and mouths of others who shared parts of his life in which you did not. Big gentle hugs to you, Tom.
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Alex R Artworthy

This has really touched my heart. What a great tribute to the special bond between son and father. Thank you for sharing these heart felt words. It really is crossing over into a new chapter. I hope you will be doing the eulogy for your father. My brother did ours for our father and he was remarkable. Sending love to you, your brother Jason and your mother. May God rest his soul.
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Jr Sharp

Bro that is beautiful bud and dad is there watching the people he loves and feeling the love I prey god is holding you and your family and friends god bless
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Crystal Marie Bliesner

Your post had me crying Tom Birkenmeyer!! I am so sad and praying for your daily!
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Tracy Wardlaw

We are all praying for you Tom.
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Denise Clifton

My daddy was in the Navy, your in my thoughts
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Jennifer McDougal

Continued prayers to you and your family. Again, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Thank you to you and your family for your father’s years of military service
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Julie Herrmann-Simmons

Praying for you! I send you a private message
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Vicki Bush Bredemeier

I feel as if I have been on this journey with you. I have felt your pain and shared your tears. I feel certain I’m not the only one who feels this deeply with you as we read your beautiful transparent words. I hope and pray in return you feel the love, peace, and comfort, that we are praying for, in overwhelming abundance, for you and your family! Xox
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Lynda Marie Hudson

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Dawn Marie Ryskoski

Praying for you Tom, your mom, and brother, and those close to your dad to find peace, love and comfort with each other during this difficult time.
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Amethyst Smith

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Margaret Malanik

Prayers my dear friend for you and all of your family ……lots of love and huggggsss
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Joan Joyce

I’m so sorry Tom. I know how you feel. I was really close to my Dad too and it was really hard to let him go……..Very sad……..
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Venus Lane

So sorry ? honey
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Billie Johnson-Tiffner

I’m am so sorry Tom. I went through this recently. If you need to talk, I’m here ??
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Kae Lin Eliason

Tom…I’m so very sorry you lost your Dad, but he knew how much you loved him!! Your post made me break down and cry, cause it brought back so many memories of when I lost my Mom and my Daddy. Losing your parents…its the worst thing I’ve ever gone through, it really sucks! We just have to be glad we have good memories of them and feel blessed they were ours! I’m always here for you, if you wanna talk! Huge hugs. Tommy!!!
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Michelle BowenPsychic

Loving blessings my friend. Ive had to say good bye to my Dad and also my Step Dad whom had a military sendoff. I carried them both. Xx
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Andrea Bernstone

My heart goes out to you, such a beautiful tribute to your father. May his transition be peaceful and may the angels wrap their arms around him gently guiding him to heaven. Many blessings to you and your family ?
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Llora Louise Lacey

He is so proud of you. Tom Birkenmeyer
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Kat James

Wow Tom. That was a great tribute letter right from the heart. Im sure your dad hears you and is VERY proud of you all. Prayers and condolences to you and your family. Smooches
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Cynthia Wallace

Hugs, sending you strength, love and light..
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Julie Matuszak Goralski

Hugs! What you are going through is so difficult and I’m praying for you and your family. You are left with wonderful memories and a loving family, also supportive friends. Thank you for sharing with us, I’m sure that was not easy. I do believe he is very proud of you and your family. Love and light.
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Delphi Skysong

Sweetie, I know there’s nothing anyone can say that will make you feel better right now. I just wish I was closer, so I could hug you…
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Karen Shunk

Sweet Tom, I have seen Heaven first hand, & it is Bright, Beautiful, & so filled with the most unconditional love that mere words cannot describe it! Not only that, the veil between Heaven & Earth is soooo thin, that our loved ones are right here beside us, all of us, at once! Watching over us, & emminating so much love to us! Your Dad is wonderful, & at total peace!
I am so wishing you, your Mom, & Jason to be filled up with all of that love & peace, to get you through your unbearable grief.
Huge hugs my friend.????
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Pamela Gibson

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Joy Galindo

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Shelly Lynn Johnston

Big Huge Sqweezy Hugs, my friend!!!
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Joan Woodhouse

So beautiful. I pray the viewing & service give you & your family peace. You Dad leaves a great legacy & he was deeply loved. May you, your Mom, Jason, family & friends find comfort. Amen, brother. You’re a good son. Your Dad is so proud of you. ??
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Jackie Russo

Xoxo Sending prayers to you Tom n’your family
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Anne Marie Lotter-inchiostro

God Bless
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Janesse Augot-Short

My heart breaks for you Tom Birkenmeyer. I lost my dad in 2004 and it was aweful. I really wish I could be there to hug you. I’m here if you need anything at all. Sending much love to you and your family ❤️❤️??
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Britany Holmgren

Love to you tom ❤️
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Linzy Fox

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Valorie Girard

My heart aches for you Tom. As I read your account I was reminded of what I felt like when my Dad left this earth to be in Jesus’s arms. It’s been MANY years since then but I still have a picture of him over my kitchen sink to remind me of his wonderful influence in my life and to remind me that he is in no more pain and that I will see him soon . I will be praying for you to find peace in this very difficult time. That you will be able to see your Dad in your mind’s eye walking hand in hand with His Savior in the most beautiful place you could ever imagine on the other side of a very thin veil we call death . You will be ok. He raised you to be strong . Your family will be held together by the strength his legacy left. I pray the Lord’s arms will wrap around you tonight and bring you comfort ❤️?
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Mel Wheeler Bairos

I hope you are doing ok Tom. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. So sorry for your pain. I hope with time it gets easier. (((Hugs)))
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Dyane Caputo Arenas

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Denise Vinci

So sorry. .may he RIP
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Lola Schiefelbein

…a more beautiful dedication, I have rarely read! Tom, so lovingly spoken…your father is smiling at you, now…
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Arlene Paraiso

He is proud of you.
Time is short.
I feel your story. I would speak to my dad all the time and 3 years later, i still do… Just not quite as often. The depth of loss is vast. But that is how God helps us to know love and Him. God rest your dads soul and Peace to you your mom and Jason.
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AnnMarie Calandra Brescia

So So Sorry Tom ! I Watched My Dad & My Husbands Dad Pass Away Right In Front Of My Eyes. It Is Very Weird To See The Light Leave A Loved One In A Second, One Minute They R There & The Next Minute They R Gone & How U Know U R Just Looking At The Body That Their Spirit Lived In. Itz Not The End For Them But A Transition. 7 & A Half Yearz Later I Still Miss My Dad’s Physical Body That Hugged Me & I Miss Him More & More As Time Passes, It Does Not Get Easier.But I Do Feel Him Around Me & Hear Him Talk To Me , I Have Even Smelt Him Around Me & I’m Sure U Will Feel Ur Dad Around U. U Just Have To Be Grateful For The Time U Had With Him & Be Happy He Is Not just Laying IN A Bed Suffering. May He Fly Free Healthy, Happy & Well. Sending U & Ur Family Strength & Reiki Healing Energy. May Angels Wrap Their Loving Wings Around U To Help Comfort U . When I Lost My Dad Ho’Oponopono Helped Me, It Is A Hawian Healing Technec. There’s A Book On It Called Zero Limits… Healing Hugz…
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Cathy Palmer

Sending prayers to you and your family, Tom. What a lovely tribute you posted. I’m sure your dad will always be with you in spirit.
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Cheryl Kellner

So sorry for your loss Tom. My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. ?
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Elizabeth EeBee Pincolini

Love to you and your family Tom. Writing is so cathartic. I wrote my dad a letter much like this after he passed. Much love and peace to you all at this time
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Sandi Lyn

thinking of you
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Lorraine Cohen

So sorry to learn of your papa’s passing dear Tom R.I.P may your papa ‘s soul have an easy rise and may you and family know of no more sorrow G d Bless
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