Doctors are not real scientists

Doctors are technology dispensaries for pharmaceutical companies.

If doctors were real scientists then medical treatment would be utilized less frequently.

The problem with that is it means less profits for their pharmaceutical bosses.

Pharmaceutical companies set the curriculum and Supply the tools and resources for their human technology dispensaries.

This Unforgivable conflict of interest happens from our insane system of legalized bribery in our politics. It’s the private financing of our elections.

Among other big corporations, the pharmaceutical companies form their own political action committees to legally purchase politicians to Curry favor with.

Medical doctors are not the problem they actually mean well and sincerely want to help.

Once in a while a doctor will go Rogue, in a good way, and learn outside of the box that pharmaceutical corporations built for them to live and die inside of.

When a doctor goes Rogue in this fashion typically they are ostracized and too frequently they are assassinated.

The root of the problem is the private financing of our elections.

The solution is to start paying attention to who takes this money and who doesn’t and start voting only for politicians who are not on the take!

Once we accomplish this then we are free from these conflicts of interests to start solving problems in a meaningful way.

Not just problems with our medical community and Health Care System but all of the big problems that face our country and the world.

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