Facebook blocked me from grieving the loss of my sweet mom on their platform with all of you for the past three days :(

Everyone has showered me with love and support except for one person. What would you do, if anything? Comment below after reading the rest please I need your feedback I’m not sure what to do.

Posting open letters to my amazing mom to my Facebook so we can all love and support each other was a meaningful part of my therapy for the loss of my mom.

One individual, we have lots of the same friends here in Kenosha, harshly layed into me for being a self centered narcissist going out in public trying to get people sick with the virus.

I commented back saying, no it’s all cool I am healed and I was cleared to remove myself from isolation by a professional health care worker!

Instead of being grateful I didn’t pass away and welcoming me back out into the world she double downed with, you’re lying you’re trying to get people killed you still have the virus etc just laying into me very heavy.

At this point I said, you’re starting to act like a lun a tic impervious to new information. I don’t know who this new mean person is you’ve become but if you can reclaim the sweet person I knew a few years ago that would be awesome.

She reported that particular comment to Facebook for bullying and harassing her. Last Sunday morning I go to share something on my Facebook and I get the pop up from Facebook that says I’m blocked from commenting and posting for three days for bullying and harassing, next violation will get me blocked for 7 days.

I clicked to see which comment this was for because I couldn’t believe I had done anything resembling bullying and harassing, it had to be a mistake.

I’m guessing a computer reviewed my comment and flagged me for the “acting like a lu n atic” part. I clicked to dispute it in disagreement with their decision. A split second later they reviewed it, obviously done by a computer again instead of a human being, and they stood by their decision to block me for three days for bullying and harassing.

So for the past three days a sick, callous, cold hearted individual person was given power by Facebook to cause harm to another individual who just lost his mother to covid and survived the same virus himself.

The one viciously and falsely attacking the other who just lost his mother and survived a deadly virus is ok she was not doing the bullying or harassing. It’s the one receiving the vicious attacks who did the bullying and attacking. The one who just lost his sweet mom and survived the same virus is the one who needs to be blocked from Facebook for 3 days because he is the one bullying and attacking.

That’s what Facebook has become. Facebook is now a platform for sick vile individuals to cause harm to the already grieving.

It’s one thing if someone is just sick and vile, but to be given power to cause harm to another who is suffering the biggest emotional loss of his lifetime, well that is a whole other thing.

If Facebook would simply review my comment with a human being they would see their automated reviews are severely broken.

As far as the cold individual who did this to me with the assistance of Facebook, do I share this with our mutual friends? I’m meeting with my lawyer next week on unrelated matters. Do I talk to my lawyer about a possible lawsuit for using her extreme callousness to cause harm?

I’m interested in your feedback friends. What would you do?

Final thought and this is super important. The person who caused this harm in the extreme cold way in which she did will see this post and derive pleasure from it. I don’t care. Unfortunately, I think it would keep a lot of others from sharing and being vulnerable. But you know what? I care more deeply about sharing all the love and support with all of you than I do about this one cold individual getting more pleasure than she already has.

A friend of mine shared with me very recently, “surround yourself with people who care more about you than societal expectations. Who really feel/hear you and protect your space from lions while you do what YOU need to do for YOU to be reborn in peace.” – Alicia Garnet Chestnut

Friends, once and a while someone cold, vicious, and receives pleasure at harming others who are already graving, is going to be given power to cause more harm. Most of the time they are completely harmless and have no power. But, in an instance where one of them is given power to cause harm, I just want you to know, I’m here for you and I love you.



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