For profit health insurance is as dark and immoral as our history with slavery


Actually I think our current system of healthcare is even more immoral, possibly, than our shameful past of human slavery.

More people have suffered, been mistreated, and died under our current Healthcare System than in the days of slavery by Far and Away!

I was just thinking about this concept as I was creating another article.

You’re trapped inside of a network of doctors and hospitals that is decided upon by your health insurance evil bovine master.

If you leave your master you could suffer, go bankrupt, and die.

If you stay with your master and pay your monthly dues you could still suffer, go bankrupt, and die from being under-insured.

Among the most common bankruptcies in America is medical bankruptcy and that is from people who have health insurance in their master Slave relationship.

Depending on the winds of privately financed politics you could be enslaved by a pre existing condition.

You might be enslaved by your already enslaving job with employer based health insurance. If you hate your job and need the health insurance tough shit, peon!

You’re evil bovine health insurance Master has departments in their multi billion dollar facilities dedicated to the sole purpose of finding ways to legally deny you coverage should you make a claim for a procedure that is between life and death.


Because FU that’s why.

Just continue voting for politicians on the take of legal bribery to keep Medicare for all from becoming law.

I have a better idea.

Let’s end our Behavior as useful idiots for establishment figures who profit from making us sick poor and dumb.

Let’s only vote for politicians who are not on the take of corporate Pac money or lobbyists.

Let’s eat natural food and make residual money.

President Pinocchio used to be in favor of a Universal Health Care coverage that covered everybody until he started taking legal bribe money from private insurance companies.

Here are a few names of politicians openly rejecting corporate pac and lobbyist money running for president in 2020.

Tulsi gabbard, Andrew Yang, and my favorite because he is the thought leader on this, Bernie Sanders.



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P.p.s Medicare for all 70% popular. The remaining 30% honest to God I’ve never heard criticize it for what it actually is so I believe based on that objective observation that if the remaining 30% learns what medicare-for-all is they would be in favor of it. The reason medicare-for-all has grown from being unpopular to overwhelmingly popular is because the more people learn about what it actually is they become in favor of it.

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