How’s your evening? I so badly miss my Dad. One month ago TODAY he passed on… Oct. 13th. Today is Nov. 13th.

Today was quite a day. More big steps in settling my late fathers financial affairs.

I’m so grateful he set my mom up well. The NAVY is taking care of my mom after taking care of him while we still had him physically with us.

I so badly miss my dad. I’m Heart broken and disoriented for the rest of my life until I see him again when I pass on.

My mom and I went to the navy base today. Great Lakes Naval base. The old hospital I spent a lot of time at had been demolished and turned into an open field. That was so weird to see.

Today I came across old birth certificates, baptismal certificates, and of course a newly death certificate.

Yesterday we attended part of a visitation of a family friend who passed away. Physical addictions took his physical life at a very young age of fifty two. He’s liberated from all physical limitations now.

I make the ” dad special” that very affectionately entitled a special chocolate super foods shake for my mom each and every day that I Sell and I also drink myself. Pm me if you’d like to know more about that.

I call it the “dad special” because it’s exactly how my dad liked me to make his when I had him here before he passed on to be in a much better place. The Dad Special. To you he is John or Larry Birkenmeyer. To me he is dad. He is in heaven now. I know it must be heaven because he is there.

I also wrote a blog today about CREDIT CARDS. I posted that just one post earlier. Scroll back one post you’ll find it easy peasy.

Now it’s time to unwind at 20:33 and go to sleep when I feel like like it.

I’m an old soul apparently 20:33 is late and I’m up before the sun is regularly.

Feel free to share if there is anything vulnerable and healing here that you feel someone else might find value in.

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