Salmon Ginger with Broccoli

Want the easiest and one of the most tasty ways to make salmon? Try this out!

Salmon Ginger With Broccoli

I never measure this stuff out. You just know how much to use as you prepare it…

– Salmon Fillet – Wild caught only NO farm raised
– Fresh ground Ginger
– Sea salt
– peppercorns freshly ground
– 2 or 3 Cloves of Garlic chopped
– Broccoli
– Olive oil, extra virgin OR non stick spray

In a medium sauce pan heat up some oil or non stick spray and add wild salmon over low-medium heat. Flip salmon when half way cooked; add salt, pepper, and ginger to taste on both sides. Add chopped garlic and broccoli to the same pan as the salmon for only the last couple of minutes to minimize nutrient destruction of the broccoli. You can lightly add salt and pepper to the broccoli if you would like. That’s it! Serve and enjoy. Believe me you WILL enjoy this ridiculously simple and tasty dish 🙂

– Tom

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