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Three friends of mine in the last 6 months had a diabetic dad or husband who needed to make a life style change that included a diabetes meal plan and couldn’t be bothered. Shakeology is the most powerful tool I’ve ever recommended and witnessed to help people reverse their type 2 diabetes and for others to prevent them from entering into the diabetic zone.  Naturally I recommend it to everyone because I’m certain if everyone were to try it we’d all be much happier people.

My friends tried to get their husband or father to try shakeology.  One of them just laughed and kept on with the same devastating daily rituals.  The other two just couldn’t be bothered to listen to anything new.  All three died instantly of a massive heart attack afterwards. I won’t say shakeology would have prevented that but all three of them had classic risk factors for heart attack or stroke that shakeology has been proven to dramatically reduce.  Within my

own team of people there are MANY stories of people coming off of heart medications, blood pressure medications, statins for cholesterol, even insulin dependent people no longer needing to administer insulin because of the nourishment in shakeology and cutting out the junk food.  I believe my friends dads and husbands would be alive today without question if they just tried shakeology, cut out some of the junk they were eating, and even got in just a little bit of physical activity every day. Instead they were too self absorbed to be bothered with any of that and made their loved ones emotionally suffer their own funeral.

Everyone needs excellent nutrition to live a better life.  Diabetics and pre diabetics generally run even higher risks of physical debilitation and death by lifestyle choices if they don’t consciously pay attention to what they put into their mouths.  The Diabetes Meal Plan is literally a life saving education for this special population in our culture.

– Tom

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