Errors of a Reliance on FDA For Approval

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I want to preface this by saying the FDA has an incredibly important role. I would personally like to see the FDA rebuilt from the ground up into the affective agency that it should be to begin with; free of politics and unethical practices.

Three former FDA commissioners including David Kessler says that the FDA has “no mandate for leadership on prevention of food safety problems, no funding to do important research to find ways to prevent food-borne illness and no tools to hold companies accountable for implementing food safety measures and taking quick action when a problem is discovered. Simply put, our food safety system is broken. The reality is that there currently is no mandate, no leadership, no resources, nor scientific research base for prevention of food safety systems.

Committee chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif. said that the “warning signs are clear: FDA is an agency in crisis”. He said that the committee would focus on FDA budget cuts, the agency’s ability to enforce regulations and the legal authorities the agency has to do its job. Waxman also says that, incompetent government can only have deadly consequences. From inside the FDA it’s an agency recognized as a broken, ineffective, ill equipped, under staffed, under funded Government agency and the best they can do is cut more funding??? Is anyone out there reading this seriously still depending on the FDA for their food and drug safety??

Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb is quoted as saying that, “the FDA is failing to use its authority to strike a balance on this issue.” – referring to the FDA’s “Broken Approval Process”

Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, called the food safety system ‘broken’ and said the “FDA needs to restore research and other efforts” – This crosses both isles of politics here. That in itself is remarkable!

Check just a few of the VERY long list of FDA approved drugs that induced heart attacks, strokes, and killed people before they were eventually recalled AFTER the dying had already been occurring for a while: Vioxx, Bextra, Zelnorm, Tysabri, Neutrospec, Cylert, Permax, Baycol, Palladone, thalidomide, and the list gos on and on.

“I will never take anything that is not FDA approved”I’m sure the people who took the above listed FDA approved drugs relied on the FDA for approval to and it killed them. Do you want to be a statistic? For the love of yourself and your family don’t be so arbitrary when putting anything in your mouth that is FDA approved or non FDA approved. If you put all your reliance into anything, FDA or other, then you loose your power and your control over your own destiny. Be a composite of many sources, form your own educated conclusions, seek for the knowledge, make the discoveries that can drastically change the course of your life, OR give up your power to the FDA. At least if whomever you’ve relinquished your power to kills you then you can say it wasn’t your fault. But, removing yourself from being responsible goes with the territory of having no power over your own life.

As it stands right now and in the past it’s more safe to depend on a reputable company in conjunction with your own findings than to depend solely on FDA approval in my opinion. I have a Boat load, no make that a BARGE load of fact based reasonings for my opinion.

The FDA fails to catch serious and often FATAL side effects in a number of drugs before they are approved. Many critics attribute these failures to the agencys close ties with the medical industry; BIG pharmaceutical. ***By the way no one has ever died of a pharmaceutical deficiency. People die of problems stemming from whole food nutrient deficiencies all the time though.***  The close ties between the FDA and BIG pharmaceuticals are exemplified by the 1992 prescription drug user fees act which requires industry to pay user fees that help fund the agencys review of new drugs for approval. Can you see the potential for biased, pre conceived, or “smudged” findings at the expense of peoples lives? Quite literally! This is not an Agency that I personally want to put my reliance or faith in. Do you??

The FDA is a government agency. Everyone knows that government agencies are the most ineffective and corrupt agencies in America and often times are incentivised by kickbacks, extortion, and other extremely un ethical incentives. America has always been at its best when we rely more on ourselves, a free market place, and less on government simply because government is not good at making decisions on our behalf.

I’m going to talk about Team Beachbody simply because I absolutely love the results in peoples lives, including my own, that these products are creating! Nothing in Team Beachbody is FDA approved. The FDA is overwhelmingly partial to Big pharmaceutical and big medicine when it comes to approval which the 1992 prescription drug user fees act demonstrates. ALL Team Beachbody consumables are 100% all natural whole food ingredients. The FDA doesn’t spend a lot of time in this area. The 1992 prescription drug user fees act requires industry to pay user fees that help fund the agencys review of new drugs for approval. But in the FDAs defense, there probably isn’t much logistical need to spend their very valuable time and money examining whole foods. Whole foods have a tendency to do what their suppose to do, that is, to keep us healthy for the past 6,000 plus years. It’s the man made stuff that has to be looked at carefully and often times they get it wrong.

Even with all the data we have available to us in massive volumes about medicines, drugs, pharmaceuticals, whole foods, organic foods etc the one thing that touches me more than all of that other stuff combined is the continuous feedback I get, especially from my Shakeology users, about the ENORMOUS health benefits these whole foods are having in their lives! Their doctors are amazed at their health progress! Their lives are being changed in every way imaginable! When you’re feeling good and your healthy it affects every aspect of your life it is quite literally life changing. But to rob yourself of something like Shakeology because it lacks approval from an agency that is admittedly broken and ineffective by its own commissioners is at the very least a questionable philosophy in my opinion.  It’s a philosophy that very well could keep a person from making the discoveries that can drastically change his or her life forever.

Tom – hoping for a better FDA in the future

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