Welcome to Modern Day Slavery By Dani Johnson

Desert Blue Sky

Desert Blue Sky

Welcome to Modern Day Slavery…
You’ve Been Conned!

Let me share a secret with you…

There’s a sneaky and largely unnoticed form of slavery that still prevails in this country today. It is so undercover that most people never realize that these chains are holding them down.

In Fact… it’s much more sinister because people actually like it, embrace it and willingly increase it, year after year, until it owns their soul.

Chances are you have been working for a master whose modern day bondage is deceptive, accepted and even encouraged by our own government and the media that captivates your attention every day!

Right now you are being pushed around and bullied by these people who want to make you think you have it all while they set you up for a financial meltdown… and you ask them to do it!

Make no mistake, if you are in DEBT, you are a Modern Day SLAVE!! – By Dani Johnson

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