Food Manufacturers Have Been Manipulating Your Brain for Years Without You Knowing About it..

tombirkenmeyercomDoes Unhealthy Food Taste good to you?

You weren’t born that way  =)

FOOD MANUFACTURERS HAVE MANIPULATED YOUR BRAIN away from nature to Manipulate you personally to keep giving them more of your money so they can continue to manipulate and poison you and your family.

Whatcha gonna do about it? =)

If you’re open to making a difference hear me out..

Your amazing brain can be re wired BACK to nature so unhealthy food tastes like the poisonous garbage that it is and foods that are Healing for you tastes like the GIFT that it is that mother nature has gifted to you..

Cool hey?

This is where really good cleanses and detoxes are so friggen Valuable toward saving someones life and BRAIN from being further manipulated by deceptive and corrupt Food, Chemical, and PhRMA Corporations…

A really good cleanse and detox can bring you back to nature and LOVING Natural organic HEALING foods for you and your family in as little as a few weeks..

Some people experience that shift back to nature in just a few days..

I have two of them.   I personally did a 21 cleanse and detox with my mom.  It changed everything.

My mom healed from neuropathology, high blood pressure, incontinence, came off most of her dozen medications,  stopped waking up in the mornings in pain from inflammation, craved bad food less, craved good food more, more clarity, more energy…

I get to keep my mom around longer but even better now because of the above mentioned improvements  =)

I was already super fit and still noticed more clarity, improved skin, I enjoy raw veggies with zero sauces or doctoring up more than ever now..

The Cleanse and detox was $305 and we saved multiplication times that much in doctor visits, prescription drugs, Bad Food purchases…  I no longer crave Bad Food =)

I no longer crave giving people money to poison me…

My friend Andrea I inspired to do the same Cleanse and detox my mom and I did and from her experiences in doing other cleanses she saved thousands of dollars after the $305 for this one and many hours of her time.

This specific Cleanse and Detox is completely wonderful.

Ya wanna rid the world of Toxic food designed to Manipulate your brain into giving people money to poison you and your family?

It aint gonna happen with petitions and protests…

All companies follow the money…

Even companies that aren’t motivated by money need money to stay in business or they go out of business..

Organic farmers arent in it for the money they get zero subsidies from the government and as a result sell less of their product.   They are in it to help you heal…

Non organic farmers get as much as 40% of their income subsidized by the government which results in cheaper food at the grocery store at the expense of your health.

Non organic farmers are poisonous snakes killing you and your kids for profits…

Which farmer ya wanna reward with your food purchases?

The one poisoning you for profit or the one it to nurture you and help you live and flourish?

What do you think creates the quality of our food supply?

It’s how YOU spend your money..

Never mind what you say you want..

Petitions and protests make you look silly.

Is how you spend your money on food lined up with what comes out of your mouth?

Boycott toxic food…

Boycott companies who deliberately manipulate you by biologically re wiring your brain to make you give them more of your money in exchange for poisoning you and your family…

That’s the only way they disappear..

That’s the only way the landscape of our food supply changes from a toxic manipulating one to a healthy and healing one..

If you’re interested in the cleanse and detox program we are doing let me know.  Ill send you a video about it and if it looks good and ya wanna do it I can connect you my private facebook group for endless support and problem solving so ya get healthy and Thrive.

Let’s make Organic Farmers rich instead of the farmers and Chemical Companies poisoning us to death…


– Tom

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